There are several types of lighting and each one brings different benefits. LED lighting is one of them. Another common type of lighting is halogen light. There are many differences between halogen and LED lighting. TRALERT® has a wide range of vehicle lighting. For all solutions related to the lighting of or for your vehicle, you have come to the right place.

Why LED lighting?

LED lighting has many advantages. Especially if you compare it to the other most common type of light, halogen light.

LED versus halogen?

Let's start with the halogen light. Halogen bulbs look a bit like the old incandescent bulbs. A halogen lamp contains a type of filament that emits light through heat. Halogen light does have a number of disadvantages. Certainly in comparison with LED light, halogen light does not last as long. In addition, the light becomes very warm, causing energy to be lost. In addition, the supply of halogen lamps is also becoming increasingly smaller. Since 2018, it has been forbidden to produce halogen lamps within the European Union.

LED lamps are many times more efficient compared to halogen lamps. 15% of the power of an LED lamp already provides as much light as a halogen lamp. LED lighting therefore lasts a lot longer. LED lamps also do not lose energy to heat. All energy goes to the ultimate goal, providing light.

Would you like more information on the differences between halogen and LED lighting? Read our blog about halogen vs. LED.

Why LED lighting from TRALERT?

TRALERT® has been the specialist in the field of LED vehicle lighting for years. TRALERT® is known for its wide product range and excellent service. A technical team is on hand to answer all your questions. If you have any questions you can always contact us. Besides representing several renowned manufacturers, TRALERT® now also produces various types of LED lights themselves.

Different LED lamps from TRALERT

As previously mentioned, TRALERT® has a very wide range of LED vehicle lights. All LED lights are divided into different categories.

LED rear lights

TRALERT® has many different types of LED rear lights in its product range. From truck tail lights to trailer tail lights. TRALERT® has tail lights in different shapes and sizes. We have tail lights that are equipped with all the trimmings, but there are also simpler options. Think of separate brake lights or separate indicators. Click to see our full range of LED rear lights.

led rear lights / led lights

LED marker lights

LED marker lights are ideal for making your vehicle highly visible in traffic. The marker lights allow other road users to easily assess the size of your vehicle. This contributes enormously to your safety, but also that of other road users. Just like the rear lights, the marker lights are also suitable for many different vehicles. The marker lights are available in different colours. Orange for the side of your vehicle, white for the front and red for the back. Click to see our entire range of LED marker lights.

led marker lights

LED side marker lights

LEDside marker lights , like the marker lights, contribute greatly to safety in traffic. The LED lights are also, just like the marking lights, intended to make it easier for other road users to see the size of your vehicle. Of course, as the name suggests, the side marker lights lights are intended to estimate the width of the vehicle. These lamps are also available for different vehicles. They are even compulsory on some vehicles, such as trailers wider than 1.60 metres.

In addition to contributing to safety, the wide-angle lamp is also a unique style addition to your vehicle. Various forms of wide-angle lamps are very popular. The terms 'wide-angle lamps Danish style' and 'Swedish wide-angle lamps' indicate that people are looking for a specific style. Click to see our entire range of LED side marker lights.

LED light bars

Flashing light bars are intended to alert other road users to a special situation. The LED lights usually have an orange colour, this is also called amber. The LED bars should be mounted on the roof of your vehicle. All LED bars from TRALERT® have R65 certification. If LED lights have this certification, they may be used on public roads. So you do not have to worry about the necessary certificates. Click to see our entire range of LED light bars.

LED beacons

Like the LED beacon bars, the LED beacons are also intended to alert people to a special situation. The LED beacons from TRALERT® are very easy to install on a vehicle. You can mount the beacon using one or more bolts, but it is also possible to attach it to your vehicle using a magnet. In addition, you can also choose for flexible DIN mounting. LED beacons are also available in different colours, each colour for a different situation. Not every beacon can be used on public roads. Here too, the LED lights must have R65 certification. If the light does not have this certification, you may not use it on public roads, so pay attention to this. Click to view our entire range of LED beacons.

led beacons

LED directional warning lights

Like many other LED lights for vehicles, LED directional warning lights also contribute to safety on and off the road. By mounting a torch in the grill of your vehicle, for example, you will be clearly visible on and off the road. Directional warning lights are available in different colours. These LED lights must also have R65 certification before they can be used on public roads. TRALERT® offers both Directional warning lights with and without R65 certification so that you can choose the one that best suits your situation. Click to see our full range of LED directional warning lights.

led directional warning lights

LED interior lighting

LED interior lighting ensures that your trailer or cargo space is well lit. Interior lighting is suitable for many situations and vehicles. There are also many different possibilities. LED lighting is available in many different shapes and colours. You can use it to illuminate your entire cargo space, but there are also possibilities for creating atmosphere in your cabin. The wide range of LED interior lighting at TRALERT® ensures that there is a solution for every situation. Click to see our entire range of LED interior lighting.

LED work lights

LED work lights are often used to improve visibility. Work lights ensure that you can see everything. These LED lights are available for many vehicles. There are worklights for trucks, trailers, tractors, excavators, trailers and forklifts. In short, there is a worklight for every situation. Different work lights give a different amount of light because every situation is different. See our entire range of LED worklights here.

led worklights

LED licence plate lights

LED licence plate lighting is essential if you want to participate in traffic. Your license plate should always be visible. License plate lights ensure that your license plate is always clearly visible. It is compulsory to have license plate lighting on vehicles; if you do not have the lighting in order, you risk a fine. Click to see our entire range of LED licence plate lighting.

LED bars

LED bars ensure that you can see more. The LED lighting mainly contributes to the wide field of vision. The LED bars ensure that the driver has a clear view in dark situations. The TRALERT® light bars have already been used several times in rallies in Scandinavia and the Dakar. The LED bar has also been used for some time on the Nissan Navara. A good example of a car where the light bar comes into its own. Click to see our entire range of LED bars.

led bars

LED driving lights

LED driving lights are meant to give a better view. As the name suggests, the main purpose of a driving lights is to be able to see more into the distance. LED driving lights are used in the agricultural and transport sectors. The LED lighting is easy to mount on for instance your truck. The driving lights are ideal for use on construction sites for example. See our entire range of LED driving lights here.

led driving lights

LED flashers

You have undoubtedly come across LED flashers before. Flashers are used on action windows. By adding flashers to the action windows, they become even more visible, which can prevent accidents. These LED lights are available in different sizes. The smallest flashers within the assortment are used, for example, for the signs indicating a zebra crossing. Click to view our entire range of LED flashers.

If you have any questions about one of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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