Due to technological developments within the car market, it is possible that if you have already had LED lighting installed in your vehicle, you may encounter an error message on the on-board computer. Because a LED lamp consumes less power than a halogen lamp, the on-board computer of your vehicle indicates that the LED lamp is defective. To prevent the on-board computer from showing an error message, the canbus LED solution has been developed. The canbus system ensures that the onboard computer gives no error message after connecting your LED lighting.

Canbus LED system prevents the on-board computer from giving error messages

TRALERT® has various solutions to overcome this problem.

Power resistor canbus LED solution

There are different canbus systems to remedy the problem indicated by the on-board computer. The first solution is to use resistors to correct the error message from your dashboard. TRALERT® has two types of resistor in its product range: 12 Volt power resistor and 24 Volt power resistor. The number of volts indicates directly for which vehicle the resistors are intended. The 12-volt resistors are mainly meant for cars and small trailers. Power resistors 24 volts are meant for larger vehicles, such as trailers, trucks and lorries. If your dashboard displays multiple error messages, you will need one resistor per error message to solve the problem.

LED control box

In addition to the power resistor canbus LED solution, TRALERT® has another solution, the LED control box. The 12 Volt LED Control Box is the solution for preventing possible error messages in your display through the communication of LED rear lights and the vehicle's canbus system. Due to the very simple plug & play installation, costs for mounting resistors are saved. The advantage of this solution is that you only need one control box, even if your dashboard indicates several faults. This makes the LED control box a popular choice to solve these problems. The LED control box is mainly used for trailers.

ILS microprocessor canbus LED solution

The ILS microprocessor branches off the existing signal from the vehicle to send the signal to the display without an error message. This allows you to, for example, mount an additional LED based indicator on your vehicle.

canbus led gives error message

ZS-Canbus LED

The ZS-CANBUS Module prevents an error message in the display of your vehicle. This unit has to be installed in the vehicle. After installation of the module there will be no more error messages in the display.

Canbus proof lamps

Of course, a canbus system offers the solution to problems with your lighting. But prevention is better than cure. TRALERT's product range includes various CAN-BUS proof lamps. The canbus solutions are already incorporated in the lamp. 

One of these lamps is the VC-2721B5CAN. This LED rear light is intended for trailers. This bulb is canbus proof equipped, so you don't have to expect any error messages on your on-board computer. Furthermore this light is equipped with a convenient 5-PIN's connector and has the standard heart-to-heart measurement of 152mm.

All types of LED lights available from stock

At TRALERT® we deliver almost all our products from Didam, so that you can have them delivered the next day. If you order before 3 p.m., you will receive the order the next working day. For orders placed after 3 p.m., the delivery time is two working days.

Read our blog if you want more information about canbus solutions. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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