Connecting LED resistors to a trailer or vehicle

Because LED needs much less power to burn than regular lighting, it is possible that the vehicle thinks the lamp is broken. This gives an error message on the dashboard or your blinkers start flashing faster. By using LED resistors, this problem can be solved. The LED resistor ensures that the lighting on your trailer or other vehicle will function as usual. Each vehicle has a different connection. That is why TRALERT® has a 12-volt LED resistor and a 24-volt LED resistor. Connecting a LED resistor is very easy.

led resistors trailer

LED resistor for both 12 Volt and 24 Volt

In the Tralert® range we have a LED resistor for 12 volts and for 24 volts. This ensures that they can be mounted on almost any vehicle. Can't figure it out yourself? Ask our technical service!

How do I mount the LED resistors?

The idea is to mount the LED resistors between the LED lighting and the vehicle. Because we supply the resistors with wiring, you can easily mount them between the existing wiring.

Connecting LED resistors to trailers

It sometimes happens that the LED lighting on your trailer interferes with the connection to the vehicle. This is again because LEDs require much less energy than for example halogen lighting. By connecting a LED resistor for each LED lamp you will have no more problems with interference.

Read our blog for more information on connecting your trailer lighting. If you have any questions about LED resistors or anything else, you can always contact us.

LED lighting causes interference on the Canbus

There can also be a malfunction on the Canbus of the vehicle. For example, when you equip your trailer with LED lighting. In this case, your vehicle does not recognise the LED lighting because it requires very little energy. By placing resistors in between, the error message will disappear and the lighting on the trailer will work properly.

Besides resistors, other solutions are also possible. Check out our entire range of Canbus solutions here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the delivery of LED resistors take?

95% of the entire TRALERT® product range is in stock. Therefore, if an order is placed before 15:00 we can ship it the same day.

Which LED resistor is suitable for my vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer?

In order to determine which resistor is best suited for you and your vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer, it is important to determine the connection and voltage that the weest must comply with. Can't work it out? Please contact us!

Licence plate lighting fails, what should I do?

Because LED requires so little energy in contrast to halogen bulbs, in some cases the vehicle cannot recognise the LEDs. This problem is solved by placing a resistor.

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