Powerful LED directional warning lights to stand out in work situations.

TRALERT® has reliable signalling for all types of vehicles. Reliable directional warning lights are essential, especially when indicating a different situation due to shape, size or driving speed. LED directional warning lights are available in many types, sizes and colors. TRALERT® has a carefully selected range of LED directional warning lights in various ranges. We offer the LED flash units with & without an R65 certificate (class 1 and 2). There are also various colors available, next to the widely used amber LED flash unit we can also supply a blue, white & red flash unit. We have models from large to small, thick and thin. Take for example our slimline models, very robust, bright light output and easy installation. The directional warning lights can be used as recessed flash units and surface mounted flash units, so LED flash units in for example the grille places? Tralert® has matching LED directional warning lights.

Professional LED directional warning lights for the grill or the side of your vehicle

LED lights, under which our flashlights fall, are a fixed part of signaling. More and more, LED flash units are mounted in strategic places to warn trucks, cars or other vehicles of an abnormal situation. The signaling lamps can be set in different patterns in order to have the same frequency as your already mounted LED beacon or beacon beam. A pattern within flashing lights is created by the timed interruption. In order to equip your vehicle according to the ECE R65 guidelines it is of value to set these lights equally. After all, it is also possible to mount more than one flash next to each other.

What is an R65 guideline and when can you also use LED strobes without a permit?

The European guidelines around the ECE REG 65 certificate, specifies the requirements that apply to optical and acoustic signals for vehicles and trailers. This regulation has been in force since 1 March 2014 for amber (orange-yellow) flashing, flashing and blinkers.

  • Road works including snowploughs and sprinklers;
  • Assistance, repair, salvage or towing of vehicles;
  • The transport of an indivisible load for which an exemption has been granted;
  • Accompanying transports for which an exemption has been granted;
  • Accompanying military columns;
  • Agriculture, forestry, or off-road work that involves driving at limited speed, or trailers towed by these vehicles that are wider than 2.60 m including cargo.

LED flash units 24v and 12v

At TRALERT® you will find both strobes suitable for 12v and 24v. In most cases our directional warning lights are universally mountable on vehicles as they are equipped with multivoltage. At TRALERT® we only use high quality materials when it comes to our LED lighting. That's why our LED directional warning lights are also equipped with good materials such as polycarbonate and aluminum. The internal components of our LED flash units are also robust and can of course withstand multiple vibrations.

LED directional warning lights for your car, also with TRALERT®

Mounting flash units on your car is important if you use your car for road works. Many models in our range are universally suitable and compact enough to fit neatly into the grill of your car. If you would like to add beacons with a magnet, please check out our assortment.

Frequently asked questions

Why TRALERT® LED directional warning lights?

TRALERT® LED flash units help you stand out during road works. Our aim is to equip your vehicles with powerful LED solutions to optimally illuminate your working area. Get in touch with our specialists and access the dealer portal where you can find 50+ models of Speedlights.

How long does the delivery of LED directional warning lights take?

Orders placed before 15:00 will be shipped the same day. When the LED flashes are in stock, you will have them the next day! TRALERT® stands for powerful service, fair prices and fast delivery. Also for urgent or bulk deliveries you can contact our specialists.

Which models of LED directional warning lights fit my vehicle?

LED flash units from TRALERT® can be mounted on almost all vehicles. For example, the majority of the range is equipped with multivoltage. Need help or want more information than you can find. Feel free to call our specialists.

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