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LED flash units from TRALERT®

Powerful LED flash units for your vehicle to stand out in special traffic situations? You will find truck, car or other vehicle flashlights at TRALERT®. Why here, you may ask? Well, because for 15 years TRALERT® has been supporting leading companies in equipping trucks, cars and agricultural vehicles with LED Speedlights.

Why TRALERT® LED strobes?

A reliable LED flash unit lasts as long as a vehicle (or longer). LED flash units from TRALERT® are available in various models and variations. In order to connect new flash units perfectly in design to the existing lighting set, it is best to let our LED specialists advise you. As standard, LED flashlights are supplied in the colour orange. At TRALERT® you can obtain an amber-coloured torch as well as blue, white and red. We offer the LED flash units with an RDW R65 certificate. Our LED strobes are equipped with class 1 or 2. Therefore, always look carefully at the product specifications of a LED torch before you order. Be aware that LED flash units fall under secondary lighting. To fully equip a vehicle to RDW standards, a 360 degree flashing beacon or flashing light is still required.

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Do TRALERT® LED strobes have ECE R65 certification?

Yes, the majority of TRALERT® LED flash units are ECE R65 approved. If you are not yet familiar with the ECE R65 certification on a LED flash unit, read exactly what this certification entails here. In one clear sentence, the ECE R65 certification is the certification that indicates that a light unit can be demonstrably observed from a distance of 20 metres from the vehicle measured 1.5 metres above the road surface. This certification is essential if a vehicle is to be used as exterior lighting.

An LED flash unit is a flash lamp that emits directional light only. According to the law regulation on optical and sound signals with regard to warning lights, a vehicle must emit an optical warning signal 360 degrees. This means that LED torches alone are not sufficient as a warning signal. Therefore, also check out our LED flashing beacons and flashing lights that can be mounted on the roof.

A built-in flash unit, surface-mounted flash unit or grill flash unit? What is the difference and which one do I need?

The LED floodlights can be used as built-in, surface-mounted or grill-mounted torches. Despite the fact that these types of flash units sound very similar there are some differences. First of all, a built-in flash unit is a flash unit that is built into the chassis of the vehicle. This is very useful for flash units on trucks. When mounting a built-in flash unit, a recess is made through the chassis. This means that the LED built-in flash unit disappears into the chassis without any screw holes. A surface-mounted LED flash unit, on the other hand, is built onto the chassis. Therefore, it is not necessary to make a recess in the vehicle. A disadvantage of this is the fact that an LED flash unit is still visible with mounting screws on each side. Grill flash units are integrated into the grill of the car or truck, regardless of whether they are mounted flush or surface mounted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose TRALERT® LED Speedlights?

At TRALERT®, product durability is essential. We expect our LED Speedlights to last at least as long as the vehicle on which they are mounted. Tralert® LED Speedlights are CE certified and EMC isolated (ECE-R10). This means that these lights do not interfere with the electronics of the radio in your car or truck. Ordering with us is mounting tomorrow, so check out our LED Speedlights!

What is the delivery time of your product?

Because TRALERT® has 90% of the entire range in stock, we can deliver quickly. Have you ordered before 15:00? Then the lights will be delivered the next day. If not, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Truck flash bulbs

Are you looking for a flash lamp for your truck? Then you have come to the right place at TRALERT®. With our wide range of products, we can supply your truck with matching lights. Can't work it out yourself? No problem at all! Just give TRALERT® a call and we'll help you out.


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