LED directional flashers white

Looking for LED flash units in white?

LED flash units come in different colours for different applications. You probably know the Amber-coloured LED flash units. These are used for work activities or to indicate that there is a separate dangerous situation on the public road. But why would you want a white-coloured strobe? What is it good for?

LED directional flasher white

White LED strobes are often mounted on the front

White is actually not a colour that has an official function as a flash. Yet we get a lot of requests for people who want to mount white strobes on the front. The main reason is the synchronization with the front lights. Red flash units, for example, are very often mounted on the rear in Belgium.

Same housing for LED white flash units as the other colours of flash units

The white LED strobes are practically the same as the models in orange or red. So you do not have to worry about a quality difference in materials. Also the ignition that you are used to in our flash units is the same. The flash unit has the type R10 approval. Therefore, radio interference is practically impossible. The housing of these white strobes is of course also waterproof. You therefore do not have to worry about potential water damage. . Speed cameras in the general sense are part of your signalling. In addition to flashing lights or a flash bar, these lights ensure that your vehicle is more visible. This helps to create a safer environment on public roads. White flash bulbs do not have an R65 certificate. However, you can of course assume that the required CE mark and E mark are incorporated in the glass of these lights.

LED dashboard flasher white

TRALERT® as the supplier of your flash unit?

We like to think along in a good arrangement of your led flash units. Also for the white variant we would like to think along with you. We understand that the connection of this type of lamps can be quite difficult. With questions like: How do I get the strobes synchronised, you can of course contact our technical department. This technical service is available 24/5. If you are interested in other types of lighting, you can of course discuss this with our specialists.

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