Non R65 LED directional warning light Amber

Non-R65 amber strobes

Tralert delivers amber flash units without R65 approval for internal use. These are suitable for vehicles that are only used on their own site, for industry, internal transport, machines for internal use. Mostly these strobes have a warning function, for example at opening and closing doors or moving parts of machines, entrance gates etc.

Suitable for 12v and 24v?

Tralert® delivers quality flash units that are suitable for both 12v and 24v vehicles. There is no need to buy a different flash unit for each vehicle in your fleet.

Why choose ECE R10 Speedlights?

ECE R10 indicates that the Electro M magnetic Compatibility, or EMC for short, has been approved.  This means that the interference emission of an approved product is low and the product can therefore interact with other electrical devices without interference. In addition, a well-approved product is sufficiently resistant to external electromagnetic interference caused by other electrical appliances.

Modern vehicles contain a lot of sensitive electronics. Het monteren van ongekeurde flitsers kan dus een gevaarlijk onveilige invloed hebben op deze elektronica en daarmee de werking van het voertuig. Loop geen risico en kies voor ECE R10.

Waarom is EMC ontstoring belangrijk?

It ensures that the vehicle on which the lighting is mounted can safely participate in traffic without malfunctioning.

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