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Beacons are widely used for different purposes. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours. For example, emergency services (police, fire brigade, ambulance) use blue LED beacons to make themselves more visible to other road users, which contributes to the safety of both the occupants and other road users.  TRALERT® offers a very wide range of different types and sizes of LED beacons. There is a suitable solution for every vehicle. Buying a LED beacon from TRALERT® is made easy through the dealer portal.

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Halogen or LED, the differences

You know the halogen beacons with a rotating mirror that creates the "swinging" effect. In this case, the mirror rotates around its own axis all the time when the beacon is switched on, thereby dispersing the light. With LED beacons, fixed LEDs are used without rotating parts. Halogen lamps require much more energy to burn and the mirror must also continue to rotate. You can imagine that this costs much more energy than fixed LEDs. Also, with halogen lighting a lot of energy is lost in heat, which is not the case with LED lighting. All this together ensures that a LED beacon has a longer life than halogen beacons. There is plenty of choice when it comes to buying a beacon. Read our blog to learn more about the differences between halogen and LED.


There are also plenty of differences when it comes to the functions that a beacon has. As mentioned earlier, halogen beacons use a rotating mirror that spins at the same rate all the time. An LED beacon has many more possibilities. It can turn (just like a halogen lamp) by letting the LEDs burn consecutively, which gives you a spinning effect. Also, the LEDs can light up at the same time, giving you a flashing effect and, as a last function, it can also double flash.

All colours of LED beacons in a row

As mentioned before, LED beacons are available in different colours and sizes. All with their own function. Below, the used colours are explained in more detail. In addition to the orange colour, there are also other colours of beacons.

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This is the most common colour for beacons and is used to indicate a special situation which contributes to safety. You can compare it with the (orange) warning lights that every car has. These are used to indicate a special situation.


Only emergency services are allowed to use blue flashing lights. These are the police, fire brigade and ambulance. They use both LED flashing lights (visibility) in combination with sirens (sound). Only authorities designated by the state may use blue flashing lights. Examples are: emergency services, red cross emergency teams, rescue teams and road inspectors.


In the Netherlands, red flashing lights are rarely used as they are not recognised. In other countries, however, red flashing lights are used. For example, in emergency vehicles.


Green is a less common colour; you only see this colour in special situations. Green is less common; it is only used in special situations, such as major accidents, when the first emergency services arrive to indicate that they are coordinating the incident. The green colour is also used by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and the police to indicate to colleagues that a preliminary investigation is being carried out. Finally, the green light is also used by the police as an attention light in districts where there is unrest, for example with burglaries.

Can I just use LED beacons?

You can buy beacons in many places. In principle, every motorised vehicle may use orange beacons if they comply with the ECE-R65 and ECE-R10 certificates. The European directives concerning the ECE REG 65 certificate, specify the requirements for visible and audible signals for vehicles and trailers. Since 1 March 2014, these regulations have been valid for amber (orange-yellow) flashing and blinking lights. These are guidelines, drawn up by the government, which the lighting must comply with. This has to do with the light intensity and the sound. The entire TRALERT® range of LED beacons is provided with the correct quality marks so that you will not be faced with unexpected surprises in the area of legislation and regulations.

Orange beacons are used, for example, for:

- Road works including snow ploughs and gritting machines;
- Emergency services, repair, recovery or towing of vehicles;
- The transport of an indivisible load for which an exemption has been granted;
- Accompanying transport for which an exemption has been granted;
- Escorting military columns;
- Agricultural, forestry, or off-road activities that drive at a limited speed, or trailers pulled by these vehicles that are wider than 2.60 m including the load.

LED beacons 24v and 12v

At TRALERT® you can purchase beacons suitable for both 12v and 24v. In most cases, our beacons can be universally fitted to vehicles as they are equipped with multi-voltage. TRALERT® uses only high-quality materials when it comes to LED lights. Therefore, the LED beacons are also equipped with good materials such as polycarbonate and aluminium. The internal components of these LED beacons are also robust and can of course withstand multiple vibrations.

Mounting of LED beacons

There are different possibilities to mount LED beacons on your vehicle. Depending on your vehicle, there are several options. When you want to buy a beacon, you can take these mounting options into account. Below are the different options.

1. Fixed mounting

With this type of mounting, the LED beacon is fixed on e.g. the roof of the vehicle. Normally this is done with a three bolt assembly.

2. Flexible DIN mounting

The flexible DIN mounting is a widely used form of mounting. It ensures that the LED beacon is even more robust because it stands on a flexible stand and can therefore 'move' with you. The replacement of a beacon is easy by removing one light from the DIN base and sliding the new one onto it.

3. Magnetic base/suction cup

It is also possible to mount a LED beacon using a suction cup and magnet. The magnet makes the beacon stick to the roof, the suction cup reinforces this effect and the beacon stays in place.

4. Single bolt mounting

These beacons can be mounted with a single bolt. Actually, it's just as simple as the title suggests. You can mount the beacon by screwing it in with a single bolt.

Frequently asked questions

Why TRALERT® LED beacons?

LED beacons from TRALERT® help you stand out during roadwork. It is important to us that everyone can work safely in and around traffic.

How long does the delivery of LED beacons take?

Orders placed before 15:00 will be dispatched the same day. If the LED beacons are in stock, they will be delivered the next day! TRALERT® stands for good service, fair prices and fast delivery. Please contact our specialists even for urgent or bulk deliveries.

Which models of LED beacons fit my vehicle?

You can fit a beacon from TRALERT® to many different vehicles. For example, the majority of the product range is equipped with multivoltage. Do you need any help? Feel free to contact our specialists.


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