LED driving lights

LED driving lights

LED driving lights are becoming increasingly popular in rallying and the offroad world (4x4). However, these are not the only markets in which they can be used. TRALERT® LED spotlights are also available for the agricultural sector, the transport world and shipping. Because of the different vehicles, the LED spotlights are available in different voltages. There is a LED spotlight with 12v connection and with 24v connection. Most LED spotlights from 12v to 24v are equipped with parking lights.

TRALERT® spotlights are available in different colours and sizes. Most lights are multi-voltage equipped. So it doesn't matter whether you have a 12v or 24v connection for your LED spotlight. The LED lights from TRALERT® are equipped with a high number of lumens. Lumen indicate the amount of light. The more lumens, the more light you actually have. Furthermore, the TRALERT® beamers are very easy to install on your vehicle. If you still have questions, you can always contact us. A technical team is at your disposal to help you with any tricky questions.

led driving lights

The advantages of LED

Halogen lamps are increasingly being converted to LED.  This is not without reason. This transition to LED lighting is interesting because, compared to other light sources, it requires less energy to do its work. Thus, the lamps become less warm (lost energy) and wear out less quickly. All this together ensures that the LED spotlights have a very long life, which also contributes to sustainability. But these are not all the differences. Read our blog "Halogen vs LED, the differences" for more information about the differences between the lights.

Driving light/wide-angle fanlight, the differences

The name says it all. An LED spotlight is meant to shine on a certain point 'in the distance'. You can work with it in a very targeted way because the spotlight spreads its light in an angle of 30 degrees or less. You get the same effect with your headlights when turning on the main light. Ideal for construction sites where vehicles often have to deal with unlit and unreliable roads. A wide beam, as it is called, focuses on the width rather than the distance. Intended to illuminate the (immediate) surroundings more. For example, ideal for use on a tractor for working on unsurfaced land.

Why TRALERT® LED driving lights?

TRALERT® has a wide range of LED spotlights. They come in different types and sizes with all the necessary certificates. The necessary certificates are important for ensuring that you can take part in traffic. Precisely because of this wide range there is always a suitable LED spotlight for your vehicle and wiring system. TRALERT® beamers generally have a beam angle of thirty degrees. In combination with LED wide-angle lighting, the spotlights can illuminate a large area. The LED lights can be used at different voltages. The TRALERT® product range includes different lamps, such as LED 12 V, LED 24 V and multi-voltage spotlights. Because TRALERT® trusts its products, the guarantee periods range from 2 years to lifetime.

led driving light 12v 24v

LED driving lights with city light 24v

The TRALERT® LED spotlight is, in most cases, equipped with a 12v-24v parking light. The purpose of parking light is to make a parked vehicle visible. With city light, two small lights are lit at the front of the car. These high beam car lights ensure that the front of the vehicle is visible, but do not illuminate the road area in front of the car. When parking your car outside built-up areas or on the roadway at night or in bad weather conditions, you need to turn on your parking lights. In addition to the city light LED spotlights, the car's low beam must also be switched on in these cases.

TRALERT®, your lighting specialist

For more than 15 years, TRALERT® has been your LED lighting specialist. From the beginning in 2005, we have focused on providing excellent quality LED lighting. By applying the latest LED technology, we contribute to increasing the visibility of road users and the safety of the roads in the Benelux and Germany. Due to the wide range of high quality LED beamers and good service, TRALERT® has become one of the largest suppliers in the field of LED lighting.

When can I expect my driving lights?

A great advantage with TRALERT® is that we have 90% of the products in stock. This ensures that you can expect fast delivery times. If you place an order before 15:00 we can dispatch it that very day. You can expect your order the very next day.

If you still have not found the product you were looking for, please feel free to contact us. Our technical team will gladly think along with you. There is always a solution possible. You can also always contact us for more information.

Are you curious about the rest of our range of LED lights?

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