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Flashers and action windows

You have probably come across a flasher before, for example in an action window. TRALERT® is the importer for the Benelux and Germany of the extensive Prealux flasher programme. The TRALERT® LED lamps are distinguished by their quality and reliability. This is why manufacturers of action frames and action windows use our products. The flashers are used in an action frame, for example. In addition, you can also often come across flashers in other traffic situations. The TRALERT® programme has 4 types of flashers. The difference is mainly in the size. We supply flashers with a diameter of 80 mm, 140 mm, 200 mm and 300 mm. All flashers are intended for a specific purpose.

80 mm LED flashers

Flashers with a diameter of 80 mm are often found on pedestrian crossing signs. These warning signs can be found at schools, shopping centres, but also at wildlife crossings. In the display 4 x 80 mm flashers are processed, which can be surface mounted or recessed. These flashers work as 1 master and 3 slaves attached to it. The frequency of the flashing is processed in the master LED lamp, this master LED lamp is also provided with a 12V and 24V version, also called multi voltage. In addition, the dimming function is incorporated in the master LED lamp. The dimming function ensures that all LED lamps are dimmed when daylight diminishes, this prevents glare and possible dazzling of other traffic.

asset frame used

140 mm LED flashers

LED lamps with a diameter of 140 mm are used in arrow units. These LED lights are available in different ways. We supply the slave version and the master version. In the master version, the intelligence of the flashing, the dimming function and the multivoltage (12V and 24V) is processed.

200 mm LED flashers 

The LED lights with a diameter of 200 mm are used on action frames, action frames and beacons or are incorporated into large arrow signs used in traffic situations. The requirements for action frames are prescribed by CROW, whereby a distinction is made between type I roads with a maximum speed of 50 km and type II roads with a maximum speed of 80 km. The 200 mm flashers (LED lights) are provided with all the necessary certificates and requirements that the CROW has set for these products. These include the safety standard EN12352, the performance test EN50293 and the mechanical tests viz. M1/M2/M3/M4.

action frame used

Two ways of delivery

The 200 mm LED lights are available in two ways. Firstly, it is possible to have a combination of 1 master LED lamp and 3 slave LED lamps. The intelligence of the flashing is incorporated in the master LED lamp. Also, this master LED lamp can be operated at 12V and 24V, also called multi voltage. The master LED lamp also has a dimming function, the dimming function ensures that all LED lamps are dimmed when daylight dims, this prevents glare and possible blindness for other road traffic. Secondly, it is possible to equip the action window with an intelligent control box with 4 x slave 200 mm LED lamps connected to it.

In the control box is the intelligence processed of the blinking and dimming of the 200 mm LED lights (flashers), also the box works on 12V and 24V, so multivoltage. This dimming function prevents overloading and blinding of road users.

TRALERT® supplies the 200 mm LED lamps in 2 housing options. The thicker housing is equipped with a protective rubber edge and the flat version with a virtually unbreakable lens. Both models are most often used on an action frame.

300 mm flashers

The Ø 300 mm flashers are also available in the master and slave version. These lamps are used in an action frame. This action frame is mounted on the vehicle. Especially for a project in Germany, the sweeping vehicles are equipped with an action frame in which the 300 LED lights are mounted.

What dimensions are most common for action frames?

The CROW sets dimensions for an action frame. The dimensions of the action windows are 1300 x 2000 mm (WxH) or 2000 x 1200 mm (WxH) and 1400 x 1400 mm (WxH).

What are the guidelines and requirements set by CROW for an action frame?

An action frame must be fitted with a red and white frame border, 200 mm wide, made of 3M class 3 reflective film. The action frame must also be hinged so that the flashers are covered when not in use. The LED lights must have a diameter of 200 mm with an amber appearance and must flash alternately. The top 2 LED lamps alternate with the bottom 2 LED lamps. Also, the LED lights must automatically dim when it is dark outside. So that other road users are not bothered by them. The action frame must also be fitted with at least a D2 and F05 traffic sign with a diameter of 800 mm.

action frames flashers

Where are action frames most common?

An action frame is most often used in traffic situations where extra attention is needed. For instance, it is compulsory to use action frames when road or verge works are taking place. The 200 mm flashing LED lights on an action frame draw other road users' attention to a change in the traffic situation. Green areas, traffic controllers, contracting companies, police, municipalities and Rijkswaterstaat use these action windows. 

action window

What distinguishes TRALERT® LED lights?

The TRALERT® LED lights have all the necessary approvals, i.e. safety standard EN12352 and performance test EN50293. The flashing LED lamps have also undergone a mechanical test, M1/M2/M3/M4.

The LED lamps are also equipped with an automatic light sensor (solar cell) and the LED lamps consist of 60 LEDs. With a failure rate of 10% per LED lamp, they still comply with the standards (other action frames use LED lamps with 4 LEDs, with 10% failure rate these have to officially leave the public road).

Finally, we supply the LED lamps with a rubber edge to provide extra protection for the LED lamp in case of impact. This rubber edge is unique to flashers.

What colour and size should the LED lights have on an action frame?

The LED lights on action frames must have an amber appearance. Amber is technical language for the orange colour that people see. In other words, amber is the same as orange. The diameter Ø of an LED lamp must be > 180 mm to maximum 220 mm.

flashers on an action frame

Action frames, action windows or action frames, who makes these requirements?

An action window or action frame must meet certain requirements set by CROW (Centre for Regulations and Research in Engineering, Hydraulics and Road Construction and Traffic Technology). CROW is a Dutch foundation that presents itself as a knowledge institute for infrastructure, public space, traffic and transport, and work and safety and is based in Ede.

What types of action frames or action windows are in accordance with the regulations?

There are three possibilities when it comes to action windows or action frames. These are mainly based on the dimensions.

Firstly, Type 0 action frame: Only allowed in verges (not on public roads).

Secondly, Type I action frame: Only in built-up areas (up to 50 km roads).

Finally, Type II active frame: Multi-purpose both in built-up areas and outside built-up areas (up to 80 km roads).

action window action frames

Different materials in an action frame

Action frames are usually made of aluminium or stainless steel. In addition, action windows or action frames are equipped with certified 200 mm flashers that flash alternately. Heavier gas springs ensure that the action window folds up. In addition, a red/white reflective strip, for example a 3M film class 3, must be applied. All this is in accordance with the requirements of the CROW.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us. A technical team is ready to answer all your questions.


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