Loading space lighting

Loading space Lighting

If you are looking for high quality loading space lighting for your trailer, semi-trailer or company bus, check out our wide range. TRALERT® offers you a wide range of interior lighting that is perfect for use in your loading area. This wide range contains a total solution for you. You can find recessed lights, surface-mounted lights and control lights. The models are equipped with on/off switches, a movement sensor or as additional lighting on your existing interior lighting. For your convenience, most of them are multivoltage. The other cargo space lighting is equipped with 12v. This means that this range of cargo space lighting can be used in your van as well as your company bus.

Do you have a lamp in mind that is not on our site? Please contact our product specialists and they will help you with a suitable solution. You can also contact us for advice on replacing existing halogen lighting in your bus! We work together with many commercial vehicle installers who will be pleased to support you in correctly connecting TRALERT® interior lamps.

loading space lighting 12v

Your loading space lit up just the way you want it

It's understandable if you want to add additional lighting to your van. Load compartments are frequently modified and are not always able to provide the lighting you need ex-factory. To work well, you need good light. Which light is most suitable for your work can best be expressed in cold light or warm light. If you prefer cold blue light because it reduces fatigue and has a clear light/dark boundary, go for cold cargo space lighting. If you prefer warm light, go for cargo space lights fitted with warmer LEDs.

Fitting LED lights in the loading space

Fitting LED lights in your loading bay can be a daunting task. As mentioned before, vans and company cars are often modified and changed. This is in order to be suitable for the desired application. The place to mount your LED lighting therefore also needs to have a voltage point. A voltage point can often be found at existing lighting locations and in the bodywork. Connect the cargo space lighting correctly by following the enclosed instructions. If you cannot work it out yourself, we are always there for you. We will contact our nearest TRALERT® commercial vehicle dealer to provide you with appropriate advice. Good visibility is of course our duty.

Installing interior lighting with an adhesive strip

In most cases interior lighting is installed in your vehicle via bolted mounting. Some types of lights are not provided with these bolts, but have a different way of mounting. For example, you can find lights that are fitted with an adhesive strip 3M. This is a specially developed adhesive strip that makes it easy to stick it in the loading space. Make sure that you clean the surface on which the lighting is stuck. The effect of an adhesive strip is namely less good if there is still dirt on the adhesive surface.

Loading space lighting from 12v to 24v

TRALERT® loadspace lighting is available with 12v and 24v. Several lights are multivoltage equipped. This means that the lighting of your loading space works with both 12 and 24 V. If a lamp is available for both voltages, this is indicated in the product name, or you can find it in the specifications. The loadspace lights that do not work on both volts are 12v equipped. 

Frequently asked questions about cargo space lighting

Why choose TRALERT®️ LED loadspace lighting?

Loadspace lights from TRALERT® are known to be reliable, durable and provide powerful light. In addition, we offer a technical service that will be happy to advise you on choosing the right lighting.

How long does delivery of the lighting take?

95% of the entire TRALERT® product range is in stock. If you order before 15:00 you will have it the next day!

How do I connect my interior lighting?

The interior lighting can usually be built in and connected to the door switch or a separate switch such as breaker/on contact. In many cases it can be connected to the existing wiring. Can't work it out? Get in touch with us!

Curious about the rest of our range of interior lights

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