LED rear lights

Good visibility in traffic increases road safety. Having a good set of LED rear lights helps. For optimal visibility of the rear of your vehicle or trailer, TRALERT® has a very wide range of taillights.

Why choose TRALERT® LED rear lights?

Wide range, high quality, good warranty coverage We offer a choice of models and versions, including combination tail lights, compact tail lights, brake/tail lights, flashing lights, fog lights and reversing lights. All our products are made of high quality materials, which applies to the (waterproof) housing as well as the lamps and used chips. As a result, the range meets all the required quality marks. Tralert® LED rear lights are not easily broken, we only offer quality products that are reliable and long lasting. As a result, warranty periods run from 2 years to lifetime.

Modern design

Are you looking for taillights with a modern design? Also then you are at the right address. Tralert® has a choice of multiple lavaflow-look taillights with dynamic flashing light, very suitable for your vehicle.

Fast delivery

Because almost the entire range is available from stock, we can deliver you quickly. If you order before 15:00 you will have it the next day. Also choose for quality LED rear lights on your vehicle!

Universal LED rear lights

Our range of taillights is completely universal. In addition, all our taillights are equipped with the latest technologies in the field of LED lighting. Our universal LED rear lights are suitable for different vehicles. For example, the TRALERT® taillights have a 12v voltage, 24v voltage or the 12v and 24v combination. Furthermore, the taillights have different connection possibilities. This ensures an easy and quick mounting.

Hamburger LED lights

The TRALERT® hamburger LED lamps owe their name to their round shape. The model of the LED rear lights is built up in three layers. The top and bottom of the taillight have a red color. The middle part is next to the taillight, also an orange reflector. This reflector ensures that the back of your vehicle is clearly visible on the road.

LED taillight square

The TRALERT® LED lighting is accessible for all vehicles. In addition, the rear lights have four functions and can be used both left and right. In addition, our LED rear lights have four different functions, namely a taillight, a brake light, a direction blinker and number plate lighting.

Switching to LED rear lights

Would you like to switch to LED lighting? That is possible! It's quite a job to convert your existing lighting to LED. This is not so bad in practice. Pay close attention if the rear light contains all types of certificates to be allowed to participate in traffic. You can choose to connect the lights to the existing cabling or to build a complete new cabling system. There are different possibilities depending on the type of connection. You can't get out? Please contact us!

LED rear lights give interference?

Do you get an error message on the dashboard or does the light start blinking? Because LED lights require many times less energy than regular lights, your vehicle may not recognize the LED rear lights. By placing a resistor in front of it, the car will recognize the taillight and the error message will disappear. Tralert® also supplies canbus-proof taillights with a 5-PIN bayonet connection which solves the problem immediately.

For more than 15 years your vehicle lighting specialist!

Tralert® has been your vehicle lighting specialist for more than 15 years. Since its foundation in 2005, the company has continued to further develop its products. For example, the developments around LED lighting have not exactly stood still. Our team of technical experts is constantly testing and developing the best LED rear lights. As a European importer of exclusively LED lighting TRALERT® distinguishes itself with a very complete range of high quality, excellent service and professional technical support.

The advantages of LED lighting

LED lighting is popular and for good reason. LED work lights give direct light. Moreover, LED work lights consume very little energy, so they become less hot and wear out less quickly. The lifespan is therefore much longer than that of conventional lighting.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the delivery of LED rear lightstake?

95% of the entire range is available from stock. This enables us to deliver the taillights the next day when you order them before 15:00!

Which taillight is suitable for my vehicle/trailer?

To determine which taillight suits you and your vehicle best, it is important to determine which connection and voltage the LED taillight should meet.

What functions are there on the LED rear lights?

There are many types and sizes of taillights. Functions a taillight can contain: reversing, brake, (dynamic) blinker and fog light.

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