Compact rear lights


Compact LED rear lights

Tralert supplies various compact LED rear lights for different vehicles. From trailers to rear lights for tractor units. These are tail lights that are smaller in size than the regular LED trailer tail lights. These rear lights can contain different functions such as rear light, brake light, indicator light, fog light and reversing light. Optionally, these functions are available in a separate rear light module. The compact rear lights work on 12V or 24V or multivoltage 12/24V and are therefore also suitable for your trailer. A frequently asked question about trailers is: 'Are trailer lights obligatory?

Many possibilities and designs

Tralert® offers a range of compact LED rear lights. There are always LED rear lights in the product range that fit your trailer to rear light tractor. Many variations in dimensions and possibilities are available.

Compact LED rear lights licence plate light trailer mandatory rear light tractor

LED compact rear lights which functions are integrated?

A number of specific series of compact LED rear lights are equipped with an integrated triangular reflector in addition to the various functions such as rear light, brake light, blinkers, fog light and reversing light. The advantage is that these rear lights are small in size and can be easily seen on a trailer. There are different series of LED compact rear lights available. Tralert has several series of LED rear lights of which the flashing light is dynamic, also known in the automotive world as the Audi look. Various brands of cars are now equipped with a dynamic or scrolling indicator. This functionality is now also available in the various series of compact tail lights from Tralert®.

Tralert® also supplies a compact rear light that is canbus proof. This means that there is no interference with the car electronics. LED lights consume so little power that the vehicle thinks the rear light is defective. To overcome this canbus problem we apply resistors during installation, we also supply a resistor box if these problems occur. Some series of the compact LED rear lights are optionally equipped with licence plate lighting.

Which functions are required in the compact LED rear light

Reversing light: It is important to note that from 10 July 2011, trailers, also known as towed vehicles, must have a reversing light in Compact with a 13-pole plug.

Rear fog light: From 1 July 2006, all trailers with a total authorised weight of up to 750 kg must be fitted with a rear fog lamp. And trailers with a total authorised weight of more than 750 kg that were brought into use in the Netherlands after 31 December 1997 are required to have a rear fog light.

Trailers, or the towed vehicle, which has a dimension of less than 6 metres must be fitted with at least one rear light, brake light, indicator light, fog light, possibly supplemented with an integrated triangular reflector, or if the rear light does not have a triangular reflector, a separate reflector, on the left rear side. Licence plate lighting is also compulsory.

The right rear side of the towed vehicle must then be a Compact LED rear light with functions rear light, brake light, indicator light and reversing light, possibly supplemented with a separate triangular reflector or integrated triangular reflector.

Rear light triggers are also available from TRALERT®. A compact lamp including a triangular reflector.

Is licence plate lighting on a trailer mandatory?

Is licence plate lighting on a trailer compulsory? Yes, it is! Every vehicle with a licence plate must have licence plate lighting. The licence plate must always be clearly visible and therefore the lighting must always work.

Connection options

The Compact LED rear lights can be connected in various ways. It does not matter whether it is a trailer or a rear light for a tractor. These LED rear lights are supplied with a cable with loose wire ends. Optionally, the LED taillight can be equipped with a 5-pin bayonet connection, the same connection that other suppliers of taillights apply, such as Aspock. The LED rear lights work on 12V, 24V or multi voltage 12V and 24V. Most of the Tralert rear lights are multi voltage. In addition, several series Compact tail lights are equipped with AMP connection.

Besides supplying a wide range of compact tail lights, we also supply a complete range of wiring with various connectors that will simplify the installation time of the tail lights considerably. Furthermore, various series of rear lights have a bolted connection or a centre-to-centre measurement of 152 mm.

Compact LED rear lights and the look

Tralert® supplies various series of compact LED rear lights with a modern look. We supply various series with a neon look also called lavaflow look. An increasingly common option is the functionality of the dynamic flashing light.


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