Fog lights

Why LED Fog Lights?

Fog is a dangerous weather condition for you (and especially without decent fog lights). Very naturally, you can see less far and therefore have less time to react. If your visibility is less than 50 meters during dense fog or snowfall, you may turn on your LED fog light for better visibility for other cars. In this type of situation, it is wise to keep your speed low and the distance to your predecessor sufficient. TRALERT® has a wide range of lights including of course LED fog light. These lights are universally applicable for your trailers, lorries and trailers outside or inside built-up areas. Of course, fog lights for agricultural vehicles are also available from us in the dealer portal. led fog light

Shapes of LED fog light

In our assortment you will find all kinds of different shapes LED fog lights. Are you looking for a rear fog light round, or a rear fog light square, in both cases you can find what you need in our assortment. Of course, we understand that fog lights must fit with the other lighting that you have mounted on your vehicle, hence our wide range.

LED rear fog light round

Round fog lights are very popular. Often the round models fog lights are mounted in combination with hamburger lamps. This is because a standard hamburger lamp is not equipped with a fog light. This makes it necessary to add these lights to your configuration of tail lights yourself. TRALERT® offers both LED rear fog light round with neon ring, and of course the well-known single function round fog lights. 

LED Rear fog light square

In addition to the round fog lights in our assortment, you can also find square LED fog lights. Again, these are available with Neon ring as without. Square fog lights are mainly mounted on trailers that are already equipped with square lights.

Tail light with LED fog light

Of course, in addition to shapes, combination taillights that incorporate a fog light are also available from TRALERT®. In the category of combination taillights, several models are available that include more than one function. Tail lights with integrated fog lights are often an easy choice considering they contain more than one function.  

Fog lights are an integral part of your tail lights

In case of poor visibility due to fog or dust, the use of a fog light is mandatory from 50 meters. If your visibility improves and this high beam is no longer necessary, dim these fog lights. If visibility is less than 200 meters, the use of front fog lights is not recommended. Fog lights from TRALERT®, Fristom and LED Autolamps are all E-approved and can be used on public roads. Thus, they help you and other road users with better visibility.

For more than 15 years your vehicle lighting specialist!

Tralert® has been your vehicle lighting specialist in dense fog for more than 15 years. Since its founding in 2005, the company has continued to develop its products. For example, the developments around LED lighting have not exactly stood still. Our team of technical experts is constantly testing and developing the fog lights processed in LED taillights. As a European importer of LED lights only, TRALERT® distinguishes itself with a very complete range of high quality products, an excellent service and professional technical support.

The advantages of LED lights - fog lights

LED lights including the TRALERT® fog lights, are very popular and with good reason. LED fog lights give your vehicle a light. In addition, LED fog lights consume less energy compared to halogen fog lights. This means they become less hot and the durability is increased. Therefore, the service life is much longer than that of conventional fog lights.

Fog light LED safety

Your LED fog light serves for extra safety in traffic. When visibility is poor, the LED fog light provides additional safety for you and your fellow road users. Other road users can see you better, so you can better anticipate the upcoming situation. By fog LED lighting accidents are prevented in traffic.

LED fog light on the front of your car, is that allowed?

When visibility is less than two hundred meters, you may use front fog lights. However, it is not compulsory to have front fog lights. These are usually at a distance of 50 meters from each other. Outside built-up areas you can look at the hectometer posts. These are located at a distance of one hundred meters from each other.

Fines for a defective fog lamp

If your car lights are defective or not properly visible you can be fined by the police. These amounts go from a minimum of 90 euros to a maximum of 140 euros. When you have fog lights while there is good visibility you will receive a fine of 140 euros. With a defective fog light, the fine will be between 90 and 140 euros. It depends on where you are standing, in or out of the built-up area.

Why can't I have my fog light on all the time? LED fog lights are known for their brightness. This is because these lights are much brighter than other lights. The reason for this is that the light has to be extra visible in bad visibility. The normal lighting is then not good enough to see which can cause accidents. When the fog lights are used in good visibility, this will cause confusion and irritation among other road users, because this light can shine very brightly into someone's eyes. You will also be fined if the fog lights are used when visibility is good.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the delivery of LED fog light take?

95% of the entire range is available from stock. This allows us to order before 15:00 you the taillights delivered to you the next day!

Which fog light is suitable for my vehicle/trailer?

To determine which taillight is best for you and your vehicle, it is important to determine the connection and voltage that the LED taillight must meet. When you know this, you can go to our product range and choose from many different lamps.

What functions are there on the LED fog light?

There are many types and sizes of fog lights and combination tail lights. Functions that a taillight can contain: reverse, brake, (dynamic) flashing and fog light.

Fog light

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