Indicator lights

Tralert® indicators

Tralert rear lights are equipped with a flashing light. We offer a wide range of indicators. Synonyms for indicators are also called turn signals or clignoteurs. They can be supplied as part of the rear light or as a stand-alone unit. Tralert's range of vehicle lighting all work on LED. The reason is that LED lighting is more reliable than traditional halogen lighting. LED lighting is known for having a longer life span and besides being energy-efficient, it also provides a lot of full light. More and more vehicles are equipped with LED lighting, whereby halogen lighting is used less and less.

LED blinker

A flashing light is a light that does not burn constantly, but switches on and off at a certain frequency (usually between 30 and 200 times a minute). A flashing light is more conspicuous than a steady light and is usually used to attract attention, for example to warn of possible danger.  

flashing light

Why LED?

An LED flashing light has several functions. Firstly, it has to indicate to the road user which direction the vehicle is going. An automatic indicator in the vehicle ensures that when the turn is completed, the flashing light is automatically switched off. This function is transmitted to the trailer via the towing vehicle. In addition to its flashing light function, the flashing light is also used as an alarm light in the event of a dangerous situation. All the lights will then flash. When a dangerous situation arises, the driver can switch on his hazard warning lights. This causes the flashing lights to flash. For example, a sudden traffic jam may cause drivers to suddenly hit the brakes. Another situation can be when someone has a breakdown with the car. By turning on the hazard lights, he indicates that something is wrong.

LED flashing lights and different shapes

The range of LED indicators can be delivered in different variants, round shaped indicators, square shaped indicators but also in strip shape indicators can be delivered. The indicators work on 12V or 24V but most of the versions are 12V and 24V or multivoltage.

Dynamic indicator

Various series of LED rear lights are fitted with a dynamic indicator. This dynamic flashing light scrolls from left to right or from right to left, depending on the position of the LED rear light. The technique of the dynamic rear light has its origin in the automotive industry and has been adopted by the manufacturers of trailers.

The use of flashing lights, i.e. indicating the direction of travel, is compulsory.

The use of flashing lights is not optional. Drivers of motor vehicles are obliged by law to indicate direction. It is therefore not permitted to use the flashing light at one's own discretion and to fail to do so from time to time. The legal rules for the use of flashing lights are laid down in an implementation decree of the Wegenverkeerswet 1994, called the Reglement verkeersregels en verkeerstekens 1990 (RVV 1990). Article 55 of the RVV reads as follows: Drivers of motor vehicles and moped riders must signal with their direction indicators or with their arms if they wish to pull away, overtake other drivers of motor vehicles, join or leave the main carriageway or if they wish to change lanes or carry out any other major sideways changes to their road positions. The towed vehicle is of course also covered by this regulation.

LED daytime running lights with flashing light

Nowadays, it is also permitted to combine your LED daytime running light with indicator. Then you have as it were a 2 in 1 function, daytime driving lights and blinkers in 1. In our webshop we also offer this with side marker lights.

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