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Reverse light

LED reversing light, choose the right LED reversing light at TRALERT®

A reversing light is an essential part of your vehicle on the road. These special rear lights are an unmissable support light for your vehicle. This light ensures that other road users are alerted to the fact that you are driving or about to drive backwards. The result is a safer situation. The TRALERT® LED reversing light range for trailers, trucks and commercial vehicles is suitable and technically sophisticated. For this reason, users choose TRALERT®'s high-quality reverse lights. For all questions about your reversing lights LED or about connecting this additional lighting, you can always contact our specialists. They guarantee high customer satisfaction and the best LED lighting for your vehicle.

How many reversing lights are required on your vehicle?

If your vehicle was delivered after 31 December 1997, it is compulsory to have at least one reversing light. Several lights on your vehicle are also permitted. This rule also applies throughout Europe. The situation is different for lorries and trailers. From 1 January 2013, all lorries and trailers longer than six metres must have two reversing lights. 

1 LED reversing light or more, you will find a suitable reversing light at TRALERT®.

LED reversing lights from TRALERT® are available for all your vehicles. Thus, the lights come with different connectors. One example is the well-known 7-pin connector. A reversing light that is incorporated in a combination rear light must be fitted with this connector. Because of the many other functions that need to be controlled. Should your reversing light not work for any reason, please check whether you have connected your 7-pole reversing light correctly with your car.

LED reversing light on your trailer

From July 2011, the law requires that all new trailers that must be registered are equipped with reversing lights. Some trailers are not equipped with a reversing light. A solution to this problem is to have separate work lights on your trailer. These give off white light and come on when you are driving or reversing. These lights can always be used, as long as you can switch them on and off using a separate switch. In addition, you can install the reversing light in combination with the other mandatory lights. The V10C5-512 is a good example of this. The reversing light, brake light, indicator light and rear light are all in one lamp. This lamp also has all the necessary E-markings, CE-markings and EMC and will fit your vehicle perfectly.

Is the colour white mandatory for reversing lights?

Reversing lights are often recognised by the white light they produce. However, these lights, like dipped beams, sidelights and main beams, may also emit yellow.

A reversing light for both 12v and 24v. 

It is not standard for a reversing light to be included in your rear light. In this case, a separate LED reversing light is a solution to solve this. Our lights are mainly multivoltage equipped. Therefore, you can use these reversing lights for both 12v and 24v vehicles. Naturally, our reversing lights are provided with an official E mark and CE mark.

Unsure if a LED reversing light fits your vehicle? Tralert® has been your vehicle lighting specialist for more than 15 years. Since its founding in 2005, the company has continued to develop its LED reversing light. Our team of technical experts is constantly testing and developing the best LED rear lights. As a European importer of LED lights only, TRALERT® distinguishes itself with a very complete range of high quality lights. In addition, we stand for excellent service and expert technical support for your lighting.

Frequently asked questions

LED reversing light, how long is the delivery?

95% of the entire range is in stock. This allows us to order before 15:00 the LED reversing light the next day to deliver!

Which LED reversing light is suitable for my vehicle?

To determine which LED reversing light is best suited for your vehicle, it is important to determine the connection and voltage that the LED reversing light needs to comply with.

How many years' guarantee is there on TRALERT® reversing lights?

Standardly TRALERT® offers you a 2 year warranty, which can go up to 5 years and a lifetime warranty.

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