Third brake lights

Third brake light LED

This page tells you everything you need to know about the 3rd brake light LED, the third brake light on top of a motorhome, the third brake light on a caravan and the third brake light on a motorhome. third brake light is now an indispensable part of our lives and is used on many different vehicles. Tralert® supplies the universal strip third brake light LED which are suitable for 12v and 24v. The cable length can vary from 0,40 meter up to 3,8 meter. These lights can be supplied as surface mounted or recessed and are of course equipped with the correct certification and EMC suppression. Tralert® is also the right place for your third brake light. The third brake light LED is an addition to the existing brake lights and is always positioned higher. This means that it is better positioned in view so that other traffic is quickly and clearly informed and can therefore adjust their speed in time to the braking vehicle. This contributes to the safety of the driver and other road users. Not only passenger cars have a 3rd brake light LED, other vehicles such as motorhomes and trailers are now equipped with them.

Is a third brake light mandatory?

A third brake light S3 and S4 is mandatory for M1 and N1 vehicles with a year of construction after 30 September 2001. The M category are passenger cars and buses, motor vehicles on four or more wheels, designed and built for the transport of people, according to the RDW. The N category are commercial vehicles, motor vehicles on four or more wheels, designed and constructed for the transport of goods, according to the RDW. For these groups it is therefore mandatory to have a third brake light, provided that these vehicles were produced after 30 September 2001. The maximum permitted weight is leading for the MOT in determining whether or not it is compulsory to have a 3th brake light. If you have a vehicle older than 30 September 2001, a third brake light is not yet compulsory. The answer to the question 'is a third brake light mandatory for caravans?' therefore depends largely on the year of manufacture. Agricultural vehicles are not obliged to have a third brake light. Think of tractors, bean pickers, etc.

When is the third brake light not mandatory for N1 vehicles?

  • Towing truck
  • Chassis cabins
  • High rise truck
  • Container truck
  • For transport of vehicles
  • For transport of boats
  • Removable superstructure
  • Tipper truck
  • Rolling sideboards
  • Open loading floor
  • Vehicle with hook arm

Third brake light LED

Third brake light LED APK

For the MOT for passenger cars, the third rear light must work when your car was put into service after September 20, 2001. If it does not work, the car will not be registered with the RDW. The 3rd brake light must therefore be replaced before the car is approved. All road users who are required to have a third brake light risk a fine of 90 euros if it is defective. If you are stopped by the police, they may also ask you to replace it on the spot, thus avoiding a fine. It is therefore wise to have a spare in the car.

Third brake light surface-mounted motorhome

For 3rd brake light assembly for a motorhome Tralert® is the right place. We can provide you with quality 3rd brake light assembly and matching lighting for your motorhome / caravan. These are also very easy to assemble with the supplied manual. When replacing a brake light with surface-mounted one, you should pay attention to the dimensions. Not every third brake light fits on the structure of your motorhome / caravan.

Why choose Tralert?

Our products are always of high quality and are always tested at production. In addition, Tralert ® a fast delivery, ordered before 15:00 tomorrow in house. 90% of our range is directly available. Tralert also offers a long warranty on its products. This goes from 2 years to even lifetime warranty.

Not a dealer of Tralert® yet?

By becoming a partner of Tralert you will enjoy many benefits. After registration you have access to a high quality complete range at competitive prices. In addition, we offer you as a partner support in marketing and sales activities.

Frequently asked questions

Is a 3rd brake light LED mandatory?

This is mandatory for M1 and N1 vehicles.

How fast can a brake light be delivered?

Our orders before 15:00 are delivered the next day. Because we have 95% of our entire range in stock we can deliver the next day! Should this not be the case, it will be mentioned with the product.

How do I connect a third brake light?

These are easy to connect to your existing vehicle with the supplied cable. Not sure? Ask our technical service team!

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