Good visibility of your vehicle in traffic increases road safety on and around the roads. That is why you should always consider wide-angle lighting. This type of lighting is particularly indispensable for wider trailers, lorries or (agricultural) vehicles. LED wide-angle lighting as part of marker lighting is, in many cases, even required by law for your vehicle or trailer. LED wide-angle lighting is even compulsory when your trailer is wider than 1.60 metres. The LED position lamp must then be fitted on both sides of the trailer.

In addition to the important functionality, wide-angle lights can also be a unique style addition to your trailer or truck. That is why the terms "Danish-style front lights" and "Swedish-style front lights" are so popular. We want to offer you a wide choice in these LED lights. That is why we can deliver many different types of wide-angle lamps directly from stock. TRALERT® helps you to drive safely and in style with certified good lighting. Because 90% of the entire range is available from stock, we can deliver orders before 15:00 the next day.

The right side marker lamps for your trailer

In TRALERT®'s extensive range of lamps you will find the right LED wide-angle lamp for your trailer. With a dealer account, you get direct access to more than 100 different models and designs. We offer you so many different models of LED wide-angle headlamps because we can imagine that your trailer's application will be versatile. So it doesn't really matter what kind of truck or trailer you have or what kind of width light you are looking for. We are happy to help you find the orange, red or white position lights. Are you looking for different lens colours or housing colours? We will be happy to advise you on this too. By also offering spare parts separately, it is possible to configure a position light exactly as you need it.

side marker lights led trailer

Easy connection of side marker lighting

We offer LED wide-angle lighting equipped with a standard cable, a 0.75 mm² plug-play cable or a 1.5 mm² plug-play cable. You can easily connect the lamps to the existing wiring of your trailer. We have, of course, designed these lights to be multivoltage. A multivoltage lamp means that the wide-angle lamps support both 12v and 24v. This means that you do not have to worry about whether the position lamps work on your car or truck. We maintain a broader multivoltage support than an average supplier. This can be found in the 9v to 36v support.

The danger for you when choosing LED position lamps that do not support this is peak voltage. This is because peak voltage can occur when starting your car with a trailer. Peak voltage is the temporary increased voltage caused by starting the engine. This temporarily increased voltage can cause the LEDs in your wide-angle lamp to jump. This means that with our lights you do not have to worry about this when starting your vehicle.

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Are your LED lights malfunctioning and is this caused by the LED side marker lamps?

LED width lights can sometimes cause a malfunction signal on the dashboard after being connected. This is because LED is a durable lighting solution that requires little power. Due to the low power requirements, the on-board computer of your car or truck does not see that the light is connected. As a result, your vehicle thinks there is a loose contact and a message is displayed on your dashboard. LED lights can also cause interference with your radio. We strive for a high degree of EMC suppression in the circuit boards of our lighting. Because of this, you will notice that our LED wide-angle lights will not cause any problems with the radio or your dashboard. A common solution is to place a resistor in front of your lights. This way your car will detect the position lights because the current is set higher. For more information about this, we refer you to our blog about canbus proof LED lighting.

side marker lighting led trailer

Danish- and Swedish side marker lamps

More and more truck drivers are asking our customers for 'Danish-style LED' or Danish-style bollard lights. These width lights are also widely used in the trailer and truck world. The Danish or Swedish wide-angle lighting should provide a classic retro look to your truck, trailer or semi-trailer. With us you will find this Danish style in a modern version. This allows you to experience the power of LED in a retro style.  TRALERT® lights are fully E-tested and can be configured to your taste in terms of colours. The colours available are: orange, yellow, white and red. In addition, you can also determine the length of the stem and the way it 'stands'. Installing these Danish wide-angle lamps should not be a problem for you either. We offer you various cable lengths and components to configure your wide-angle lamps according to your own taste.

LED 12v side marker lighting

As previously described, the use of front position lights on your trailer is compulsory in some situations. Because we like to keep you informed of the latest legislation and regulations, we would like to refer you to the RDW Manual. Of course, we understand that doing your own research can be a lot of work. That is why we advise you to contact our LED specialists in order to select your wide-angle lamps correctly. If you are a specialist in the field of wide-angle trailer lamps, you can take a look in the dealer portal directly or request an account to unlock all functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the delivery of LED side marker trailer lamps take?

90% of the entire range is available from stock. Therefore, if ordered before 15:00, we can deliver the next day to you!

Which side marker lights are suitable for my truck, trailer or semi-trailer?

To determine which width light is best suited to you and your vehicle, please visit our dealer portal with its handy selection tools.

How do I connect my LED side marker lamps?

The LED position lights are provided with a standard cable or with 0.75mm² or 1.5mm² connectors. This allows you to easily connect the lamps to your existing wiring.


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