Amber reflectors

Reflectors are intended to make you, as a road user, more visible in traffic. A reflector itself does not give light, a reflector reflects the light in the same direction. There are various colours and shapes of reflectors. In addition to an orange (amber) reflector, white and red reflectors are also available. There is a round orange reflector but also a rectangular one. On some vehicles, for example a trailer, reflectors are compulsory.

Why should I have reflectors?

It is for you and your fellow road users very important to have reflectors on your vehicle. Retroreflectors contribute greatly to safety in traffic. By using reflectors, you are in fact well visible. The retroreflector reflects light in exactly the same direction.

What is the difference between an amber and an orange reflector?

An orange reflector is also called an amber reflector. Amber is in fact another word for orange. Amber has a natural orange colour. Amber is simply the same as orange but it is used as a technical term.

What is the difference between a retroreflector and a normal reflector?

A reflector reflects light. A retroreflector is a type of reflector that ensures that the light is also reflected in a certain direction. Namely in exactly the same direction as where the light came from. This is very important in traffic because it makes you highly visible to your fellow road users.

Different shapes of orange reflectors

TRALERT® has two types of orange reflectors in its range. TRALERT® has a round orange reflector and a rectangular orange reflector. Each shape has two variants. All shapes can be mounted in two different ways.

orange amber reflectors

How to mount your reflector on your vehicle

As previously mentioned, there are two different ways to mount an orange reflector to your vehicle or trailer. The first option is a reflector with a 3m adhesive strip. This is easy to install, as the reflector has to be stuck on the vehicle. The second option is a reflector with screw fixing. The reflectors have holes through which the reflector can be attached to the vehicle or trailer with two screws.

round orange amber reflector

Is an orange reflector obligatory on my trailer?

An orange reflector is mandatory on a trailer. When you drive with a trailer, you must comply with several rules. One of these rules relates to the reflectors. Your trailer must be fitted with red reflectors at the back, white reflectors at the front and at least one orange reflector on each side.

Buy an orange reflector

If you are looking for orange reflectors, you have come to the right place at TRALERT®. TRALERT® has been a specialist in LED vehicle lighting for many years. Due to the expansion of its range, it is also possible to purchase products such as reflectors from TRALERT®. If you have any questions about any of the products you can always contact us.

When will my orange reflector be delivered?

TRALERT® delivers most products from stock. If you order before 15:00 hours it will be shipped the same day. This means that if you order before 15:00 you will often have your order the next day.

In addition to the amber reflectors, TRALERT® also has other reflectors in its range.

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