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LED driving lights are a real addition to your 4x4 vehicle. The spotlights not only give you a better view, it also really adds something to the look of your vehicle. Not every spotlight can be used at any time Mounting driving lights on your car comes with rules. TRALERT® has a wide range of LED driving lights.

led driving lights car rules

Rules for fitting spotlights on your car

There is a great deal of confusion about the rules for using auxiliary headlights on a car on public roads. It all has to do with the ECE-R112 certification. When an ECE-R112 certified high beam headlamp is used, it may be used as high beam. In that case, the lamp must comply with the rules for main-beam headlights.

High beam may not be used when other vehicles are approaching. Neither may high beam be used when you are behind another vehicle. Of course it may only be used in the dark. When you are driving in front of another vehicle and there is no oncoming traffic, you may use your headlights. Signalling with a high beam is also not permitted. If you do, you risk a fine.

Other certifications

In addition to the ECE-R112 certification, there are a number of other important certifications that you should take into account when purchasing your vehicle lighting. The two most important certification marks are the CE mark and the ECE-R10 certificate.

The CE mark is mandatory in Europe for various product groups. LED vehicle lighting falls under one of these product groups. The mark indicates that the product complies with all European laws and regulations. Please note that it is a real CE mark. There is also a Chinese variant of the CE mark, which stands for Chinese Export. The logos are almost the same but have a completely different meaning. The differences in the logos can be seen in the distance between the two letters and the dash of the E. The official mark has the letters further apart and the dash of the E is shorter. For more information, please refer to our blog on what is a CE mark.

In addition to the CE marking, it is also important that the lamp is ECE-R10 certified. When connecting LED lights to a vehicle, it can sometimes happen that other equipment in the vicinity starts to interfere. This can be remedied by purchasing lighting that is ECE-R10 certified. These lights are tested for interference. You can be sure that you will not get any disturbing devices when your lamp is ECE-R10 certified. In addition, the certificate also indicates that the lamp itself is not sensitive to possible failures. If you would like more information about this, please read our blog about radio interference.

Halogen versus LED

LED has many advantages over halogen light. Halogen light loses a lot of energy to heat. This is not the case with LED lighting. Furthermore, LED lighting is more resistant to peak voltages, it is much more efficient with energy and the lighting lasts much longer. Would you like more information about the difference between both types of lighting? Read our blog about the differences between Halogen and LED.

led driving lights car rules

When can I expect the driving lights for my car?

TRALERT® has a very large proportion of its products in stock. Because most products are in stock, TRALERT® can deliver quickly. If you order a car headlamp before 15:00 hours it will be sent the same day. This means that you can install the product the very next day.

Why TRALERT® LED driving lights?

TRALERT® has been the specialist for LED vehicle lighting for years. Our very wide product range offers everyone a solution in the field of lighting. Are you looking for something that is not in our range? Please feel free to contact us, together with our technical team you can look at the possibilities. You can also contact us for other questions.

TRALERT® also offers a guarantee on all its products, which varies per product. The minimum guarantee is two years. The guarantee increases to a lifetime guarantee. The spotlights for your car have a guarantee of between two and five years. In addition, all the car beamers are equipped.


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