When you are engaged in an agricultural profession, it may happen that you start early and continue until late. We understand that it is not easy to work during the dark days. To make work easier for you, we have selected a large range of LED tractor lights. The TRALERT® range consists of different types of LED lights. The LED lights for tractors can be mounted on the front and rear of your tractor cabin. It is also possible to mount TRALERT® LED work lights on the mudguards at the front and rear of your tractor. This ensures optimum visibility when carrying out work in the agricultural sector.

Wide range of LED lights

TRALERT® has been the LED lighting tractor specialist for more than 15 years. In recent years TRALERT® has kept a close eye on developments in the LED lighting field, and with success! These innovations have been implemented in the production process of our range of LED lights. The LED lights from TRALERT® are known for their very complete range of high quality LED work lights and excellent service. Within the extensive TRALERT® product range, you will find LED lights in different product categories. As a LED specialist, we can proudly say that we use the latest developments in the field of LED lighting for tractors. We at TRALERT® consider it important that your tractor is equipped with the right LED lighting. The TRALERT® product range includes only the highest quality LED lights.

LED lighting in the agricultural sector

In addition to tractors, LED lights from TRALERT® can also be mounted on other vehicles in the agricultural sector. LED lighting thus offers the solution for many different vehicles and sectors. These vehicles include combine harvesters, excavators and hay tedders.

TRALERT® delivers quickly and largely from its own stock

As a European importer of LED tractor lights only, TRALERT® distinguishes itself with a very complete range of high quality products. In addition, service and expert technical support are of paramount importance to us. Due to our specialisation and focus we are able to deliver almost all products from our logistics centre in Didam quickly and from our own stock.

LED beacons for tractors

LED beacons for tractors serve for greater road safety. An amber beacon is designed to alert other road users to approaching danger. If the tractor is wider than 2.60m, including the load, it is mandatory to have beacons on the public roads. No permit is required for this. If the tractor is narrower than 2.60 m, it may not use flashing lights. For using flashing lights on a tractor, certain certificates are needed, namely ECE-R65 and ECE-R10. ECE-R65 means that the light signal can be observed around the entire vehicle (360 degrees). This from a distance of 20 metres from the vehicle, measured one and a half metres above the road surface. TRALERT® beacons are all certified with the appropriate certificates.

LED beacon truck

LED worklights tractor

These LED worklights are actively used in the agricultural sector. LED worklights help you to perform your work more safely. That is why we recommend creating a homogeneously lit workplace for your agricultural vehicle. TRALERT® has a wide range of LED work lights for all your different vehicles. A large part of the professional LED work lights can be used on multivoltage. This means that the LED work light has a voltage range of 9-36V. This means that the good LED work lights from TRALERT® are able to handle peak voltages.

LED werklamp trekker

Trigger LED bars

LED bars are ideal for work in the dark. Because the LED bars have a large light range it is much easier to oversee everything. LED bars are therefore ideal for the agricultural sector. The TRALERT® product range also includes LED bars with bi-colour lighting. You can also drive with daytime running lights. As a specialist and wholesale supplier of LED lighting, we are able to fully equip your vehicles with durable, high-performance LED solutions at competitive prices. In addition, you can expect excellent technical support from us when purchasing a LED bar 12v or 24v.

LED bar puller

LED rear lights tractor

The LED rear lights serve to increase road safety and visibility. For optimal visibility of the rear of your vehicle, TRALERT has a very wide range of tail lights. The TRALERT® product range includes single and combination lights. The choice of LED tail lights is diverse and there is always a solution for your lighting problems. Combination lights are lights where all the lights make sense in one light. We offer a choice of models and designs, including combination rear lights, compact rear lights, brake/brake lights, turn signals, fog lights and reversing lights. All our products are made of high quality materials, which applies to both the (waterproof) housing and the lamps and chips used. The range therefore complies with all the required quality marks. TRALERT® LED rear lights are not easily broken, we only offer quality products that are reliable and long lasting. The guarantee periods therefore range from 2 years to lifetime.

LED achterlicht trekker

Reflectors tractor

Reflectors offer an extra piece of safety. When light shines on a reflector, the reflector reflects the light back. The result of this is that the reflector, and the vehicle to which it is attached, is clearly visible. The reflectors ensure that you are more visible to other road users. TRALERT® offers a wide range. For the retroreflectors this means that in addition to different shapes and sizes there are also different colours available. The different colours allow everyone to make their own choice. Within the product range, TRALERT® has three different colours of reflectors: red, white and orange.

Reflector trigger

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait for my order?

If you order your LED lights from TRALERT® before 15:000, you will receive your order the next day. TRALERT® wants to provide the best service, and that includes fast and reliable delivery. Would you like to buy in bulk? No problem at all. TRALERT® has a wide range of products in stock. If your product is not in stock, please contact us so we can look for a suitable solution.

Why choose TRALERT®?

With TRALERT® as your LED supplier, you benefit from many advantages. You will always work closely with a committed organisation. Should you need help, we are there for you. In addition, the product range has been extensively tested and the lighting is of the highest quality. The lighting also has all the right certifications. Should the product nevertheless break down, you have a long warranty period of 2 to 5 years with TRALERT®.

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