LED trailer lighting

LED trailer lighting from TRALERT® consists of different types of lighting. There are different rules and requirements for the lighting of your trailer. Some lighting is mandatory on a trailer. For example, width lighting is obligatory on a trailer wider than 1.60 metres. In addition to broad band lighting, side marker lights are also important for your trailer. A rear fog light is not compulsory on every trailer, but it is on a large number of trailers.

rules and requirements for trailer lighting

Trailer lighting | regulations

A trailer must have different lighting. If it does not, the trailer does not comply with European regulations. It is not considered whether the light is LED or halogen. The trailer must have two LED rear lights. These must be mounted on the back of the trailer. Two direction indicators, can also be flashing hazard lights and marker lights. Two parking lights - only if the trailer is wider than 1.60 metres. If this is not the case, parking lights are not required. Brake lights (two) and rear fog light / front fog light (at least one) are also compulsory on a trailer. These are already included in combination rear lights. Finally, licence plate lighting is also compulsory.

For more information on trailer lighting, please read our blog. What rules apply to lighting on a trailer?

LED rear lights on trailer | rules and requirements for trailer lighting

In addition to the mandatory rear lights, the trailer must also have a triangular reflector. This is also called the 'danger triangle'. The hazard triangle must always be at the rear. It is possible that the triangle is incorporated in the rear lights. In this case, the warning triangle is still visible when the LED lights are defective. This makes your vehicle easier to see.

See the range of LED rear lights for your trailer here.

LED wide angle lamps on trailer mandatory

Width light or broadband lighting for your trailer is sometimes mandatory. This applies to trailers wider than 1,60 metres. These lights are a real addition. These lights are mounted on the side near the front and the back of the trailer. Width lights are compulsory for trailers wider than 1.60 metres. This allows road users to properly estimate the size of the trailer. If this is not the case, this can lead to dangerous situations.

View the range of LED wide-angle lights for your trailer here.

Trailer width light mandatory

LED trailer marker lights | rules and requirements for trailer lighting

In addition to width lights, marking lights are also very important. The red and white lights are for the rear and front of the trailer. The orange ones are the side-marking lights for the trailer. Side marker lights are for the side of the trailer.

TRALERT® has a wide range of LED trailer lights. See our range of LED trailer marking lights here.

Licence plate lighting on a trailer | rules and requirements for trailer lighting

Licence plate lighting is also mandatory on a trailer. This is quite logical, as a trailer also has a licence plate. Licence plates must be clearly visible. This applies to all vehicles, both motorised and trailers. The TRALERT® licence plate lights are produced in multivoltage (12v/24v). The lights can therefore be used on your 12v and your 24v trailer. The TRALERT® LED licence plate lights are available in various colours and sizes. Before purchasing, please check the dimensions of your trailer.

See our range of LED number plate lights for your trailer here.

Reflectors on trailers | regulations in addition to lighting

In addition to lighting, reflectors are also mandatory on your trailer. Red reflectors must be on the back of the trailer. White reflectors on the front and orange reflectors on the side of your trailer. This is so that you can always be seen.

There should be two white reflectors on the front of the trailer. Each side must have one orange reflector.  There are extra rules for trailers wider than 2.10 metres. These must have extra marking lights in addition to the reflectors. Extra side-marking lights are compulsory for trailers longer than 6 metres.

See the range of reflectors for your trailer here.

Rear fog light on trailer mandatory

A rear fog light is not compulsory on every trailer. This has to do with the weight of the trailer and how old the trailer is. For a trailer with a mass up to 750 kg, a rear fog light is mandatory. When a trailer has a mass of more than 750 kg, it depends on the date of the first admission. If this is before 1 January 1998, a rear fog light is not compulsory. If it is after 1 January 1998, a rear fog light is compulsory on your trailer.

Trailer lighting at TRALERT®

TRALERT® has a wide range of LED trailer lights. We focus entirely on LED. You will find all the lighting you need for your trailer at TRALERT®. Almost all TRALERT® lights are waterproof. So you don't have to worry about water damage. That is why the lights are often used on boat trailers. The watertightness is indicated by means of the IP value. So pay attention to this when making your purchase.

Range of trailer rear lights at TRALERT®

Many TRALERT® lights are equipped with multivoltage. We at TRALERT® work a lot with trailer companies. We have been doing so for a number of years. We like to think along with you. So that the lighting works well but also adds something to the appearance.

TRALERT® LED vehicle lighting

TRALERT® has been a trusted name in the LED truck and trailer world for more than 15 years. Since its foundation in 2005, TRALERT® has focused on LED vehicle lighting. In recent years the product range has expanded enormously. Our dealer platform has expanded into the Benelux and Germany. As a European importer of LED vehicle lighting exclusively, TRALERT® distinguishes itself with a very complete range of high quality products. TRALERT® also offers excellent service and competent technical support.

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