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Trailer marker lights

Marker lights on a trailer are very important when you are on the road in the dark. The marker lights help other road users to estimate the size of your vehicle. With the help of marker lights on a trailer, you help other road users to better estimate the traffic. For example, when the vehicle behind you is approaching your vehicle at high speed, the marker lights on your trailer ensure that the length and width of your vehicle can be seen from a long distance away. Our trailer lights are available in three different colours, red, amber and white. TRALERT® trailer lights are available in all three colours. Each colour has its own place on the trailer. Thus, red trailer lights can never be used as side-marker lights.

marking lights trailer side marker lights

White marker lights

The white marking lights are intended for the front of your vehicle or trailer. It is very important that you only place these lights at the front of your vehicle. This makes it easy for other road users to see in which direction another vehicle is driving. When different colours of lights are placed in different places on the vehicle, it is no longer clear.

Orange side-marker lights

The orange colour is used for side-marker lights. As the name suggests, the orange colour is intended for the side of the trailer. The orange side-marker lights are often referred to as amber. Amber is technical term for the orange colour. Amber is the most common colour of LED lights in traffic.

Red marker lights

The last colour of side-marker lights is red. The red marking lights are meant for the rear of the trailer. The red colour may only be used at the rear of a vehicle as otherwise it is not clear which direction a vehicle is travelling in. If different colours are mounted randomly on the vehicle, this will result in dangerous situations.

Wide range of LED trailer marker lights

Need LED marking lights for your trailers? Our range includes lights for all vehicles. We are the specialist in the field of LED lighting for vehicles. The lighting comes in different sizes and colours, as do the marking lights. Every vehicle has its own laws and regulations. Our lights have the right certification.

Why choose TRALERT® LED marking lights for your trailer?

Tralert® has a wide range of LED trailer lights. All our trailer lights are of high quality and come with a good guarantee. Furthermore, all our products are made of the best materials, such as ABS and Polycarbonate. When you, as a dealer, order your LED vehicle lights from Tralert®, you can be sure that the product has been executive tested.

Fast delivery by delivery from stock

Virtually the entire range of LED trailer lights at TRALERT® is available from stock. This means that we can deliver quickly in most cases. If you order before 3 p.m., the products will be delivered to your company the next day.

Ask for advice from the TRALERT® product specialists

The TRALERT® product range includes a large number of high-quality LED lighting products. Are you looking for LED trailer marker lights? At TRALERT® we have a solution for any question relating to LED lighting. As a specialist in the field of LED vehicle lighting, we have the widest range of LED lights. Is your desired product not yet listed? Feel free to call our technical specialists to discuss your wishes and needs. We will then get to work, even if this means we have to make a customised product.

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