Reflectors trailer

Reflectors on trailer

View our entire range of reflectors on trailer. When you are on public roads with a trailer, the use of a reflector is mandatory. The information below will help you to properly install a reflector and tail lights on your trailer.

White reflectors for the front of the trailer

At the front of the vehicle you are required to install two white reflectors. The mandatory color of the reflectors at the front is white and the number of reflectors to be placed is two. In addition, it is important that the shape of the white reflectors on trailer is not triangular, because this form of reflectors belong only on the rear of the trailer. When installing white reflectors on your vehicle, the following is important. The installation height of the reflectors on the front must be at least 250mm and no more than 900mm (with the exception of the 1500mm). The distance between the two reflectors must be at least 600mm and no more than 1500mm. For trailers of 1300mm a minimum of 400mm applies.

Orange reflectors for trailers

The orange / yellow reflectors for the side of the trailer are mandatory for all trailers. The trailer must have at least one amber reflector per side. This must be placed in the middle 30% of the surface. The mandatory color of reflectors on the side is orange/yellow. When installing amber reflectors on trailers, it is important to note the following. The installation height of the reflectors on the side must be at least 250mm and no more than 900mm (with the exception of the 1500mm). Regarding the distribution between the different reflectors, it is important that there is no more than 3 meters between them. If you have a larger vehicle, then in some cases it is necessary to place several reflectors on the side.

Red reflectors rear

At the rear of the trailer it is mandatory to place two red reflectors. These must be placed at a minimum height of 350mm and a maximum of 1500mm. When two rear lights are placed there is an exception of 2100mm. When mounting additional rear lights an installation height of 600mm above the mandatory rear lights applies. The following applies to the distribution at the rear. The reflectors may be placed up to 400mm from the furthest point of the vehicle width. This does not apply to the additional rear lights. There must be at least 600mm between the two taillights. Furthermore, if the vehicle is smaller than 1300mm, a minimum of 400mm applies.

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As a specialist in the field of LED lighting, we would like to help you find the right lighting. Since its establishment in 2005, we have focused strongly on producing and distributing high quality LED lighting for vehicles. Reflectors on trailer is one of these categories from our assortment. Together with our extensive dealer channel, we strive to support you as a customer through the entire process. From the drawing board to the purchase of lighting.

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