LED trailer lighting

LED trailer lighting is a category of LED lighting that is becoming increasingly popular compared to a traditional light source. LED lighting for your trailer has several advantages: more burning hours, the products last longer and the LED lighting is very durable. In addition, LED trailer lighting does not get as hot. LED lamps can also be used for different voltages. Most TRALERT® lights are provided with a multivoltage range (9v - 36v). This allows you to easily use the lights on both a horse trailer and a trailer behind a truck.

LED trailer light

Wide range of LED lights for trailer

In TRALERT®'s wide product range, you will find LED lighting in various product categories. As a LED specialist, we can proudly say that in each lighting category we exclusively use the latest developments in the field of LED lighting. Good lighting is not only important for your own vehicle or trailer, but also for the many road users you have to deal with. It is therefore of great importance to us that your vehicles are equipped with good lights.

The TRALERT® product range consists only of LED lights of the highest quality. As a result, you do not have to worry as a driver of a truck with a trailer when you are on the road in the dark. Your vehicle will be noticed from a long distance away. Even when, for example, the weather is bad and visibility is severely restricted.

Range of LED trailer lights from TRALERT®

Are you looking for LED trailer lights? Then you have come to the right place at TRALERT®. With our wide range of LED marker lights, LED rear lights, LED signaling, LED license plate lights, and LED wide-angle lights, we can always be of service to you. The lamps will therefore not fail due to water damage.

LED trailer marker lights

LED trailer marker lights are intended to make the width, length and height of the vehicle more visible to other road users. This makes it easier for other road users to see you in unclear situations. This will improve traffic safety. TRALERT® offers different colours of LED marker lights, namely white, red and orange/amber. White marker lights are placed at the front of your trailer and serve to illuminate the towing vehicle. Red marker lights are placed at the rear of your trailer. These serve to illuminate the trailer for oncoming road users. Orange/amber marker lights are located on the side of your trailer. These lights make the width of your trailer more visible. This makes it easier for other road users to see your trailer. These lights are available in 12v - 24v.

LED rear lights trailer

LED rear lights trailer are an essential part of LED trailer lighting. The rear lights serve to improve visibility in unclear situations. Other road users can see you more easily from a distance. TRALERT® also has a wide range here. You can choose between combination lights or individual lights. Combination lamps are lamps that contain all necessary lighting. The advantage of this is that you only need to mount one lamp on your trailer. TRALERT® also offers separate rear lights. A good example is the well-known hamburger lamp. These individual lights are available in fog, flashing, reverse and brake light versions. These lights are also available in 12v - 24v.

LED trailer rear light

LED signalling trailer

LED single lights on trailers are used to draw other road users' attention to a special situation. Think of trailers with protruding freight. The TRALERT® LED trailer lighting range in signalling offers flashing lights, beacons and flashers in all different shapes and sizes.

LED licence plate lighting trailer

The word licence plate lighting trailer says it all - lighting for your licence plate. TRALERT offers licence plate lights in a 12-36V multivoltage version. So each lighting system fits your trailer.

LED wide-angle lights

LED trailer wide-angle lights serve to clarify the width of your trailer. This allows other road users to better estimate how wide a trailer is. Trailers can be overtaken more safely in this way. TRALERT® also offers a wide range here. Width lights with straight, short and angled connections in the colours white, red and orange/amber.

LED trailer wide-angle lamp

Why choose TRALERT® lighting?

As briefly mentioned above, we have a huge range of LED trailer lights with high quality lighting. In addition, all LED lights come with favourable warranty periods. For example, we offer a minimum guarantee period of 2 years up to a lifetime guarantee on our products.

In addition, it is good to mention that the lights do not just reach our assortment. Before the LED lights are sold online, they are first extensively tested by our technical department. This is where, for example, it is checked whether the lamp is watertight. Because of our specialist knowledge in this area, we know how to link the questions from the market to the needs of you as a dealer.

Fast delivery times through delivery from stock

At TRALERT® we understand that when you order LED lighting for your trailer, you want to get started with the assembly immediately. We are happy to accommodate you in this. Virtually the entire range of LED lighting is available from stock. This means that in most cases we can deliver quickly. If you order before 15:00 hours, you will have the products the next day in house.

Want to know more about our product range? Ask one of our technical specialists

After reading the above text, do you still have questions about which type of lighting is best for your trailer? Or perhaps you have other questions about our product range? Then feel free to contact our technical specialists. They will be happy to help you make the right choice.

Frequently asked questions about LED lighting

Why choose LED lighting from TRALERT?

TRALERT® is the specialist when it comes to LED vehicle lighting. Our strong focus on LED lighting means that we have the solution for any issue. Our product specialists will be happy to support you in choosing the right LED trailer lighting. Can't find exactly what you're looking for? No problem at all! TRALERT® stands for good service and therefore offers tailor-made solutions. So we can come up with any solution to your problem.

How long does delivery of LED lights take?

90% of orders are shipped the same day. If the LED lighting is in stock, you will have the products the next day already. Is your product not in stock? Then we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about your order.

Which professional LED lighting is suitable for my vehicle?

LED lights from TRALERT®️ can be fitted on virtually all trucks. The majority of the range is equipped with 9-36V multivoltage. Furthermore, the TRALERT®️ worklights are equipped with commonly used connectors. Not sure yet which lights are suitable for your vehicle? Feel free to contact our specialists so that we can look for a solution together.


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