LED beacons on trucks

Beacons on trucks

Beacons on truck are used to increase visibility on public roads. In addition to improving visibility, LED beacons also have the function of alerting other road users in exceptional situations. When you enter the road under exceptional situations, it is wise to equip your truck with a flashing light.

Truck beacons equipped with the necessary certificates

LED beacons on trucks may be used on public roads when the beacon has an ECE-R65 and ECE-R10 classification. The ECE-R65 standard means that the beacon must be visible from 20 meters from the vehicle and from one and a half meters from the road surface. The ECE-R10 standard is a type approval or mark relating to electrical systems on vehicles. When a flashing light or similar is approved according to the ECE-R10 standardization, it indicates that it is approved on the basis of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). This approval is granted based on two properties: interference emission and interference resistance. The entire range of LED beacon beams for trucks is provided with the necessary classification to be allowed to drive on public roads.

When are you allowed to carry a flashing light on your truck?

Beacons may be carried on a truck when one of the following situations occurs:

  • Assist transport;
  • Snow clearing or salt spreading;
  • Way works on or along the road;
  • Slow moving traffic;
  • Extremely large traffic

Which LED beacon for truck is suitable for my vehicle?

When choosing the right beacon on your truck, the color is hugely important. The different colors of beacons may be used on different vehicles. For example, there are amber/orange, blue and even green beacons. The most common flashing lights on a truck are orange or yellow. If you do not have a permit/waiver, you may only run yellow/orange flashing lights. Blue flashing lights may only be worn by emergency services and green flashing lights only by an emergency services command vehicle.

Need help selecting the right LED beacons for your truck?

Would you like to know more about our range of beacons for trucks? You can reach us by phone five days a week for all your questions about the entire range. Our product specialists have all the knowledge to provide you with all your questions about LED vehicle lighting.

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