LED beacons on trucks

Truck beacons

Flashing lights on trucks make you easier to see. In addition to being more visible, LED beacons also warn other road users in special situations. When you are on the road in a special situation, it is wise to install a LED beacon on your truck. This ensures that you drive more safely in traffic. You are not always allowed to have an orange flashing light on your truck. This is only permitted in specific situations.

Truck beacons with the necessary certificates

LED beacons on trucks can only be used if they have the proper certificates. For on the road, the ECE-R65 and the ECE-R10 classification apply. The ECE-R65 standard means that the light is visible from 20 metres from the vehicle and from 1.5 metres from the road surface. The ECE-R10 classification has to do with the electrical systems. When a flashing light is approved according to the ECE-R10 standard, you can be sure that the light will not cause any interference.  This approval is granted based on two properties. Firstly, whether the light causes any malfunctions. Secondly, whether the lamp itself is sensitive to interference.

The entire range of LED beacons for trucks has the correct certification.

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When are you allowed to have beacons on your truck?

You may use flashing lights on your truck in the following situations:

Accompanying transport;
Clearing snow or spreading salt;
Road works on or alongside the road;
Slow moving traffic;
Extremely heavy traffic.

For more information about wearing orange flashing lights on your truck, please read our blog: Are you allowed to have orange flashing lights?

What types of beacons are there?

In addition to the well-known round beacon, there are also beacon bars. These are also called flashing beacons. Of course, these are also all ECE-r65 certified. In addition to the improved visibility, a beacon beam also provides a more professional appearance of your vehicle.

Curious about our LED light bars?

Which LED beacon for trucks is suitable for my vehicle?

When choosing the right beacon on your truck, the colour is extremely important. For example, there are different colours of beacons which are only permitted on certain vehicles. There are amber/orange, blue and even green beacons for your truck. The most common flashing light on a truck is orange. Without a permit, you may only use the amber beacons. Blue beacons may only be used by emergency services. These include the police, ambulance and fire brigade. Green rotating beacons may only be used by command vehicles of the emergency services.

Need help selecting the right LED beacons for your truck?

Would you like to know more about our range of beacons for trucks? You can reach us five days a week by phone. Our product specialists have all the knowledge to answer your questions. They are happy to think along with you.

Why choose TRALERT®?

Quality is very important at TRALERT®. From the housing to the lamp and the chips. All components are of the highest quality. In addition, we offer an enormously wide range in LED vehicle lighting. We can also deliver your order quickly. We always have 90% of our product range in stock. In addition, we also offer a long warranty period. The terms run from 2 years to life time warranty.

How can I mount my LED beacon on my truck?

The TRALERT® beacons can be mounted in different ways. There are a total of four possibilities. Each mounting method has its own advantages.

Fixed mounting

First of all you can choose the fixed mounting. This method is mostly used on the roof of a vehicle. You attach the beacon to your truck by means of three bolts. Because of the three bolts, the beacon is firmly attached to the vehicle.

Single bolt assembly

Secondly, the single bolt mounting. When you choose single-bolt mounting, the procedure is similar to the fixed mounting. The only difference is the number of bolts. As the name already indicates, the beacon is mounted with one screw. This one screw ensures that the beacon is firmly attached to the vehicle. You do not have to worry about this.

Flexible DIN mounting

Next is the Flexible DIN mounting. The flexible DIN mounting is a very easy and convenient way to mount a LED beacon on your truck. The light can sort of move with you. This makes the beacon even more robust. If you want to replace the bulb, this is also very easy. You can simply slide the light off the DIN and replace it with another one.

Magnetic base

Finally, the beacon with magnetic base. This way of mounting is probably the easiest for most people. The beacon is attached to a magnet, which makes it easy to stick it to your truck. In addition to the magnet, the beacon is also equipped with a suction cup. This makes the beacon even more solidly attached to your vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the delivery of beacons for trucks take?

90% of the entire range is in stock. Therefore, when ordered before 15:00, we can deliver the beacons the next day!

Do I have warranty on my beacons?

Of course you have a guarantee when you buy LED beacons from TRALERT®. The guarantee period differs per product. The minimum guarantee is two years. This can extend to a lifetime guarantee.


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