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LED worklights for trucks can help you when you are often on the road in the dark. In addition, the LED worklights come in handy when you work before sunrise or after sunset. In addition to providing the necessary illumination, good LED work lights also help you carry out your work in the dark. With the help of a LED truck worklight, problems with loading and unloading products in the dark are completely a thing of the past. Due to the white light colour of the LED lighting, your eyes will become tired less quickly.

Range of LED work lights for trucks

The TRALERT® range consists of LED work lights with different properties. Standard work lights as well as LED work lights with R23 certificates are available. To make things easier for you, we have made a selection of LED worklights suitable for your truck.

led worklight truck

The benefits of LED worklights for trucks

The LED worklight for trucks has many advantages over the halogen worklight. Especially now that LED lights have lost their teething troubles and manufacturers are able to supply high-quality LED worklights. The following list describes the advantages of LED worklights compared to halogen worklights.

Long service life thanks to high quality LEDs

The first major advantage is the long service life of the LED worklights for trucks. They last much longer than halogen worklights for trucks. LED lights in fact have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. In a previous blog, we described the difference between an LED worklight and a halogen worklight. We showed that after 2200 hours, a LED worklight for trucks is cheaper than the halogen version. The halogen worklight may be slightly cheaper in the short term, but in the long term it is no match for the LED worklight.


Secondly, safety is also a big advantage. Whereas halogen lighting gives off a yellowish glow, the LED worklight truck edition is equipped with bright white light. The bright light is comparable to normal daylight. As a result, the eyes of the user of the LED work lights become tired less quickly. The bright white light therefore contributes to general traffic safety and to better performance of work in the dark.


When using the LED truck work light, the light hardly ever gets hot. Therefore, less energy is lost to heat. As a result, the LED lamp converts approximately half of the required electricity into light. Compared to many other lamps, this is a high percentage. Because LED lights last a long time, they are also much more durable than other types of lights.

LED worklight truck with R23 certification

TRALERT® also has R23-certified LED worklights for trucks in its product range. ECE-R23 certification is issued for LED worklights for trucks that are equipped with a reversing light. Furthermore, the R23-certified LED worklights are constructed in such a way that they do not dazzle the traffic coming from behind at a specific angle of 30 degrees. Where a regular LED worklight with an ECE-R10 certification may not be used for reversing, an R23 certified LED worklight for trucks may.

Connecting LED worklights to a truck

If you are planning to install LED work lights on your truck, it is a good idea to include at least the following useful spots.

Useful spots for working lights on trucks:

- At the top of the rear wall of the cabin;
- At the bottom of the cabin rear wall;
- Rear of truck;
- Side of truck;
- Front of the cabin of the truck.

Why TRALERT® LED work lights for trucks?

TRALERT® has been the specialist in LED vehicle lighting for years. TRALERT® has a very complete range to offer everyone a suitable lamp. We also have 90% of our products in stock. The products that are in stock will be sent the same day as the order, provided that the order is placed before 15:00. In addition, TRALERT offers a two-year to lifetime guarantee on all its products. Therefore you do not have to worry before, during or after your purchase.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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