Truck interior lighting

Interior lighting for truck or lorry

Fitting LED interior lighting to your truck or lorry? Good choice. This category of LED lighting helps you to illuminate your cabin, tailgate or the interior of your trailer. LED interior lighting for a truck from the TRALERT® product range comes in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to our strong focus on LED lighting, we have an extremely wide and extensive range available for you. You will find interior lighting for every truck, from Daf to Volvo to Mann. The LED lighting for your truck is available in different voltages, for example 24v. There are also different colours; there is red interior lighting for your truck but also blue, white or green. The red interior lighting is a real addition to your truck.

Daf Interior truck lighting

Interior lighting in various colours

Interior lighting from the TRALERT® range is available in different colours, namely white, blue, green and red. The different colours reflect the different functions of the lights. For example, blue and green interior lights in trucks are used as decorative lights or as entrance lights. The white variant of interior lighting for trucks is often used to illuminate the cabin or the tailgate.

Red interior lighting for trucks

Red interior lighting for trucks has another function. When driving in the dark, the red interior lighting is more pleasant for the eyes. When it is dark outside, white light can be extremely bright. This all has to do with how our eyes behave in the dark and the reflections on the inside of the windscreen. Red interior lighting is a real added value for your truck.

However, when mounting them, make sure that you place the red lights behind your head and not above the windscreen. In this way you can avoid dazzling yourself and your fellow road users.

Red interior lighting truck red interior led lights 24v cabin

Why choose TRALERT® LED interior lighting?

When it comes to LED vehicle lighting, TRALERT® is the partner you're looking for. The TRALERT® product range is extensive and also of extremely high quality. Together with our dealers we aim to provide customised solutions in the area of LED lighting. We do this in order to provide you, as a dealer, with the best possible high-quality interior lighting for your truck. Because of this high level of quality, we are able to make good warranty arrangements from a minimum of 2 years to a lifetime warranty.

The entire product range is extensively tested by our product specialists.

At TRALERT® we attach great importance to the high quality of the products in our range. In order to guarantee this, all products are tested before being placed in the product range. When you buy interior lights for your truck from TRALERT®, you can be sure that these lights have been rigorously tested.

Fast delivery by delivery from stock

A large part of the TRALERT® product range of interior lights for trucks is available from stock. This means that we can deliver quickly in most cases. If you order before 15:00 hours you will receive the products the next day.

TRALERT® truck interior lighting

When you are looking for LED interior lighting for your truck, it is nice to have a supplier you know that puts quality first. Your truck cabin is where the driver spends day and night. LED lighting as a replacement for your current truck interior lighting helps to create more natural light or coloured ambient light. It could be that you are specifically looking for red interior lighting for your truck. You can also find these lights in our product range. From 12v to 24v, different colours, different sizes and shapes, there is LED lighting for your truck.

TRALERT® Loadspace lighting

Loadspace lighting is essential for many drivers of vans, trucks or cars. It often happens that these vehicles are custom-built and used as a moving tool. A well-lit loading bay can therefore contribute to the efficient performance of the work. There are various types of LED strips and motion sensor interior lighting that are well suited for this purpose.

Replacing halogen interior lighting with LED in your cabin

LED has many advantages over halogen. See the differences between LED and halogen lighting here. The replacement of existing halogen lighting in your cabin with LED is usually not a problem. Connections are usually the same and the user manual indicates the steps you need to take to make a proper connection. TRALERT® interior lighting is also universally applicable on the brand level. No distinction is made between interior lighting for the cabins of your Daf, Volvo or Mann truck. If you have a Daf, you can use the same interior lighting as someone with a Volvo.

Get advice from the TRALERT® product specialists

The TRALERT® product range includes a large number of high-quality LED products. Want to fit interior lighting to your truck? That's no problem at TRALERT®. Our LED interior lighting for your truck is easy to install, from 12 to 24v. As a specialist in the field of LED vehicle lighting, we have the widest range of LED interior lighting. Is your desired product not yet listed? Feel free to call our technical specialists to discuss your wishes and needs. We will then get to work, even if this means customisation.

Curious about the rest of our range of LED lighting for your truck?

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