LED license plate lighting

Having a visible license plate begins with TRALERT®. TRALERT® has a wide range of LED license plate lights for a truck, trailer, 4x4 vehicle, trailer or other vehicle. This is because LED license plate lighting is something you would rather not have to worry about, but it is compulsory. When your license plate lighting is broken, you will have to replace it, otherwise you can count on a fine. license plate LED lighting should be a one-off investment. license plate lighting should always work.

broken led licence plate light fine mandatory truck licence plate light

Is license plate lighting compulsory?

license plate lighting is compulsory on all vehicles with a license plate. When the license plate lighting is broken you can get a fine. The reason for this is that your license plate must always be legible. Without these lights, situations can arise where this is not the case. Think of heavy rainfall, snowfall and of course when it is dark. If your LED license plate lighting is broken, you will have to replace it to avoid a fine. All vehicles with a license plate must have license plate lighting, from trucks to trailers.

If you want to know more about which other lights are compulsory. Read our blog on "What rules apply to lighting on a trailer?" for more information.

The benefits of LED

Halogen is increasingly being converted to LED. This is not without reason. LED lighting has many advantages. It lasts longer. LED lighting also does not lose energy to heat. This is the reason why LED lights last longer. In addition, LED lighting is much more resistant to peak voltages. With LED lighting, it is also possible to have multiple colours and patterns.

Colour of light emitted

In order to meet the requirements of the RDW, we have adjusted the light colour accordingly. The light colour of our LED license plate lighting is white and sufficiently neutral to comply with the rules. Besides the colour, the angle of incidence is also very important. If it is not right, the license plate will not be visible either.

Waterproof and shock-resistant LED license plate lighting

It is important that the LED license plate lights can take a beating. They must be resistant to shocks and vibrations. They must also be completely waterproof to protect the electronics. All TRALERT® license plate lights fulfil these requirements so that you can drive safely and responsibly. You can tell this by the IP value. The IP value indicates whether a lamp is waterproof or not.

TRALERT®, your lighting specialist

For more than 15 years, TRALERT® has been a specialist in LED lighting. From the beginning in 2005, we have focused on providing excellent quality LED lighting. TRALERT® is known for its wide range and personalised service. TRALERT® also specialises in supplying customised solutions. Our technical department always finds a solution. You can also count on fast delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the delivery of LED license plate lights take?

90% of the entire TRALERT® product range is in stock. This means that if you order before 15:00 we can deliver the license plate lighting the next day!

Which license plate light is suitable for my vehicle?

In order to determine which license plate lighting is best suited for you and your vehicle, it is important to determine the connection and voltage that the license plate lighting must comply with. The voltages differ per vehicle. license plate lighting for a truck will need a 24v connection, while a 4x4 will probably only need 12v. Can't work it out? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

LED license plate lighting fails, what should I do?

Because LED requires so little energy in contrast to halogen bulbs, in some cases the vehicle cannot recognise the LEDs. This problem is easy to solve. The installation of a resistor should solve the situation.

Curious about our entire range of LED lights?

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